The Manhattan Collection

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When it comes to iconic silhouettes from Marcella, the Manhattan Collection should be the first thing that comes to mind. Every minimalist top and dress in this collection features the same unique halter neckline to catch the eye and define the one-shoulder silhouette, wrapping around to create one elongated sleeve. Designed from soft, mid-stretch European ponte, these NYC chic tops and dresses hug the body and provide a smooth stretch giving both comfort and style. 

Meet the Manhattan Collection - Marcella’s Ultimate One-Shoulder Neckline Minimal Design 

The Manhattan Sleeveless Midi Dress is a classic minimalist one-shoulder dress that can fit in anyone’s capsule closet. One of our bestselling minimalist dresses, this one-shoulder midi dress stops just below the knees, giving you a silhouette that can be perfect for both more formal occasions or perfect for first dates when you want to come, ready and dressed to impress. 

If you want a slightly more formal equivalent, the Manhattan Mesh Sleeve Gown is your newest staple dress for all occasions that require a dress. Along with the standard Manhattan one-shoulder neckline, this long-sleeved one-shoulder dress includes an elongated mesh single sleeve and an asymmetric hem that completes this show-stopping edgy silhouette. 

Why Does Marcella’s NYC Chic One Shoulder Cut Out Top For Elevated Everyday Style? 

Of course, the Manhattan style can be perfectly replicated in a minimalist one-shoulder cut-out top, adding that same balance of sophistication and edge. The Manhattan One Shoulder Top is a cocktail top which, like the Manhattan Dress silhouettes, is defined by that same halter top neckline with an elegant single long sleeve and an open back, creating a powerful sense of asymmetry that pairs perfectly well with a pair of pleated pants

For when it is starting to really heat up, and you don’t want to sacrifice elegance, the Manhattan Sleeveless Top is the perfect choice to make sure you won’t need to compromise fashion forward-thinking when you want to beat the heat. This sleeveless women’s one-shoulder top features one fitted cap sleeve, sculpted to fit your body. 

What Cocktail Dress Fits Works for Both Modern and Formal Occasions? 

When it comes to choosing minimalist cocktail dresses, the Manhattan One Shoulder Gown, an elegant NYC chic one-shoulder formal dress, is the perfect place to start. With all the functionality of a traditional maxi dress, this gown creates an elegant balance by having both an elegant long sleeve and an open back, framing the whole minimalist silhouette. The ponte fabric has just enough give, making it comfortable to walk in while still hugging your body and flattering your outline. 

Another choice for a one-shoulder minimalist dress is the Manhattan Mesh Sleeve Gown. A fun variation on our original elegant one-shoulder evening gown, this dress has just the right amount of stretch, and with a sheer sleeve along with the signature one-shoulder neckline, it’s an iconicsilhouette that will not be forgotten. 

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