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Love creating content about all things fashion? Do you have an engaged community (big, medium or small), a pulse on minimalist style and an interest in helping to revolutionize the ethics of fashion? Join us.

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We're a diverse group of people who agree on one thing, first and foremost: fashion can be better. Through Accessible Pricing. Ethical Production. Sustainability. And, let's not forget, Looking Uniquely Fabulous! Help us spread the word about Marcella and how designer fashion CAN actually choose to advance women and girls across its every aspect.

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  • How exactly does this ambassador program work? Is it open to everyone?

    Our ambassador program operates via Shopify Collabs. You can apply directly and will hear back from us within 2-3 business days (through the platform) about your application. As to who is eligible? Our ambassador program is open to prospective Marcella Muses of all social followings and influence, subject to our review and approval.

  • What criteria do I need to meet to become a Marcella Muse?

    Our application process mainly acts as a way for us to get to know you and to set you up in our program within Shopify Collabs, but also to make sure you’re in a country where we currently operate our Ambassador Program, among other details!

  • What can I receive as a Marcella Muse?

    As a Marcella Muse, you would be eligible to receive free Marcella product and earn commissions on sales that you influence. We would also be supporting School Days on your behalf, as explained more below.

  • Do I receive a commission for each sale I influence? How does it work?

    Based on ongoing results, the program rewards ambassadors of different impact differently but,  as a member of our program, everyone can earn affiliate commissions with each sale influenced! We use Shopify Collabs to manage all ambassador payments. As part of your application process, we will share our (competitive) affiliate rates and you can learn more about the payout process HERE.  Based on performance, we are also open to revisiting affiliate rates.

  • What is Shopify Collabs and why do I need to create an account?

    Shopify Collabs is the software solution we use to make sure your gifts, commissions and school days get tracked/sent your way! You can learn more about Shopify Collabs HERE.

  • Where do I need to reside to be eligible for the Marcella Muses program?

    Currently, all Marcella Muses reside in either the U.S. or Canada, but we plan to add additional countries in the weeks and months ahead, so stay tuned if you reside elsewhere!

  • Can you explain the social impact element of this program?

    We’re thrilled to have integrated our School Days Project into our Ambassador program by supporting school days for underprivileged girls on your behalf once you become a Marcella Muse! We’ll be periodically reporting your contribution to our School Days Project (now nearing 1MM school days supported since 2021) and we hope you’re as excited as we are to see this total continue to grow!

  • How and where are your clothes sourced? Working with a sustainable business is important to me.

    How we make our clothing is important to us, too, as Marcella is NYC designed and European handcrafted. We would also highly encourage you to read more about our holistic approach to sustainability at our Sustainability Pledge page, as well as our Ethical Production page.

  • How long will it take for my items to ship? Where is my package?

    Our Ambassador program follows the same fulfillment process as our usual ecommerce customer orders. Please see our Shipping Policies for any/all questions on fulfillment or shipment. To the extent you have additional questions about items you are expecting, please write and identify yourself as a Marcella Muse and include your Collabs ID when you do so!

  • My gift doesn’t fit/arrived damaged and I want to return it. Can I do that within this program?

    While we welcome consideration of exchanges, all exchanges within our Ambassador program are handled on an individual basis and can be exchanged only for the same item (unless mutually agreed otherwise depending on item availability). Additionally, all exchange requests should be processed within 30 days of original item delivery. Please contact for any questions about your particular order and  identify yourself as a Marcella Muse and include your Collabs ID when you do so!

  • Are there any program No No’s?

    We’re excited to see your creative juices flow but please note we do have certain requirements for the program and not complying with these requirements may be  grounds for immediate termination, i.e., fraudulent or any other illegal activities and promoting content that is inconsistent with the Marcella ethos and/or general community standards. Please also note that it is the responsibility of each Marcella Muse to familiarize themselves and follow all FTC guidelines regarding disclosure. Please also note that Marcella reserves the right to terminate any Marcella Muse for any reason at any time.

  • I have other questions!

    No worries! Email us at

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