More Than a Mask: How Marcella Is Confronting Our New Reality With Safety and Style

Sharing our pattern with all the DIY lovers. 

Our New Reality

We're living during an unprecedented time and hope that all of you are staying safe and healthy. Covid-19 has forced people around the world to make changes, adapt to new guidelines, and create a new normal. One of those shifts is the use of face masks--a requirement that will likely be sticking around for the foreseeable future. Here at Marcella, we've taken on the charge of creating fully functional, high quality masks for women, men and children. And now, we're excited to share some of the behind-the-scenes process and inspiration behind this mission. Plus, we've had so many requests about sharing our pattern that we've created DIY patterns you can print at home and make the masks yourself if you wish.

How We Can Keep Each Other Safe 

The CDC recommends the use of face masks for all people above the age of two years as a means of protection against the spread of Covid-19. Those with pre-existing conditions and compromised immune systems are considered at higher risk. These masks should be non-medical grade, reserving the N-95 masks for frontline workers. Our masks meet the guidelines provided by the CDC in terms of coverage and safety.

Vogue, Astier de Villatte, Paris | Photo: Amy Verne

Our Responsibility

The beginning of the pandemic saw shortages of commercial and medical-grade masks. Many had to resort to using household items to keep themselves safe, while companies worked to provide masks to those who needed them most. Our creative director, Siyana, recognized the need for masks and utilized Marcella to fill this need. In conjunction with our design teams in Bulgaria and the U.S., these masks were designed with comfort, breathability, and function in mind. Our initial masks were made from cotton fabric that we already had in stock for our tees and blouses. Especially for those who must wear masks for long periods of time, this soft material makes our masks comfortable and breathable. We also added the filter pocket and a nose wire so that you can adjust your mask to create the perfect fit.

Designed To Suit Any Lifestyle For When You Needed Us Most 

From the original concept to full production, our masks evolved into a high quality product that gives us not only a sense of safety, but also a sense of style and comfort. Each mask is crafted from two layers of 100% European cotton, which is tightly woven and OEKO-TEX certified. They're enhanced with a filter pocket and a reusable/washable filter made from certified recycled polyester. An important product detail is the adjustable nose wire for stability and proper fit. This is especially desirable for people who wear glasses, as masks with improper fit can fog glasses when you breathe. When it comes to masks, it's not a one-size-fits-all, which is why we've created several sizes to fit a variety of individuals. Further, adjustable elastic ear bands make a comfortable fit that much more feasible. The bands are soft, rounded and easily loop behind the ears without the fear of shifting or falling off. We wondered whether to use ties on the back of the head but opted for easier placement and removal. We also intentionally added length to our ear loops to prevent pulling and pressure on the ears. Too long? Just tie a small knot for the perfect fit.

Our Biggest Asset, Our Team

To continue serving our devoted community, the majority of our employees are working from home, while the remaining ones are safely practicing social distancing in-office. Mid-March, we closed our offices while trying to figure out what's best for our team while paying them a salary. Their health was more important than anything else. After two weeks or so, all of our team members were given the option to work from home if possible or be placed on half time if they didn't feel comfortable coming to the office to do their job. We didn't want anyone to feel anxious. We wanted every single team member to receive income while our future was uncertain. We wanted to ensure everyone felt safe and protected while we could continue providing our loyal community with products they need and love.

Achieving the Perfect Fit

Our elastic ear loops are intentionally long to ensure the mask's ability to fit larger faces. We advise tying a small knot behind the ears where the perfect length for you is found. The CDC advises that cloth masks be washed after wearing. It's important to avoid touching your face or readjusting the mask while you're wearing it. Individuals are encouraged not to touch their nose and mouth, so removing the mask via the elastic ear loop is considered the best practice. Simply remove one elastic ear loop and take the mask off.

Make Your Own Marcella Mask At Home 

We’re a little biased about our masks; we believe that they’re the best non-medical ones on the market. To share our love and show our appreciation, we are thrilled to share our pattern with you so that you can make your own! In the following attachment, you'll find our 1:1 pattern in three different sizes: adult standard, adult extra-large, and child size. All you need is woven cotton, thread, elastic band and a standard straight stitch sewing machine. For our beloved DIY-lovers, please enjoy and feel free to share.

Sizes: Our Adult Standard mask fits women and men with small to average head sizes. Our Adult XL mask is recommended for women and men with larger than average head sizes and our children's mask is recommended for children aged 4-12.


We Couldn't Do It Without You 

Many small businesses have struggled in the wake of the pandemic. Thanks to people like you, we have been blessed. We are so thankful to our loyal customers for continuing to shop with us, as you are providing our workforce with the means to support our families during this time. We will keep working hard for you so that you can do your part in helping keep our society safe and healthy.

Things To Consider

Whether you decide to choose our masks or not, we thank you for your commitment to public health and for doing your part in protecting yourself and everyone around you. Before making your decision, here are a few considerations to make so that we can give you exactly what you’re looking for. 1) Make sure to choose the right size. Please see our helpful guide (includes measurements) to determine the perfect size for you. 2) Purchase extra filters. We sell additional filters separately, which can be trimmed to size for use in a variety of masks (beyond ours). 3) Choose your color. We have many options to suit your personal style! Browse our options to mix and match sizes and colors for everyone in your family. Looking for a large quantity? Check out our listings for promo codes to save on orders of five or ten masks. All mask orders are shipped via DHL Express for fast and secure delivery, and customers in the U.S. receive free shipping on orders of $35 or more. Five packs and ten packs always qualify for free shipping to the U.S.

Even more exciting news! We're working on offering even more colors from which you can choose. Stay tuned for these four new hues, coming soon!

PS: Special thanks to Eva Chung and the whole marketing team for your help with this post!

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