The Power of Connection: Spring/Summer 2020 Collection, “The Bridge”


We’re thrilled to introduce our Spring/Summer 2020 collection, “The Bridge,” which was influenced by the great bridges of New York City. Like the branches of a soaring tree, the bridges link Manhattan to the greater world. This collection attempts the same—reaching out to women far and wide, and connecting them with one, singular thread: beautifully crafted, minimalistic clothing with an edge. 

Staying true to our core identity, this season brings fresh basics with a twist—perfect for the modern woman who craves individuality. The pieces represent the way we interact, through celebration and sorrow and all of life’s highs and lows. By embracing each other, we form a stronger bond and build new bridges.  

Many pieces feature elastic band detailing, a reflection of the strength of the bridge and then women who cross it. Our stunning royal blue accent seen throughout the collection this season is a nod to the flowing water that runs beneath the bridge.

Spring brings with it a sense of renewal and a chance to start fresh. For us, it’s the perfect time to launch an assortment of stunning pieces that tap into the mentality that true beauty comes by being authentic. Our pieces offer an elevated feel to wardrobe staples—such as the finest cotton tees—as well as head-turning pieces for a truly contemporary look. 

Many have asked me if we came up with our new collection concept and the inspiration behind it before or after Covid-19 became a part of our reality. In fact, we conceptualized our collection, its name and inspiration back in September 2019, months before we had a chance to fully appreciate how precious togetherness was, how deeply impacted we can be by extreme isolation. We strongly believe we have a unique opportunity to learn and evolve, to amplify each other and build each other up through our ability to go beyond the walls of division and soar above it all. We are all making sacrifices and ironically, we find ourselves more supportive of each other through separation, more hopeful, more connected.

We believe that truly strong women empower other women. So with our new collection, we encourage women everywhere to reach out and extend a hand to those alongside you. Because the only way to grow is through connection. With “The Bridge,” we hope to inspire the bonds between women in a new, poignant way.  


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