What’s in an “Infinity” Scarf?

We’re here today to talk about versatile accessories that are called “Infinity” scarves for a very good reason. Namely, there are nearly endless ways to wear and style them! It’s no wonder so many fashionistas consider them a staple piece for everyday wear.

Whether you’re bundling up against the cold or adding a flourish to a sleek minimalist outfit, infinity scarves for women are a great addition to pretty much any ensemble you can dream up. They can obviously come in handy during the harsh winter month but they can also be versatile enough to wear throughout multiple seasons, particularly if you invest in a lightweight version.

Here are four reasons we absolutely love infinity scarves for fall, winter, and spring.

Wear Your Scarf Multiple Ways

There’s no “right” way to wear your infinity scarf. While these circular loops of material might seem simple at first glance, you can get super creative in how you style them.

A few classic configurations to try:

  • Hanging as one single, long loop
  • Looped twice around like a cowl
  • Knotted once in the front
  • Worn as a combination hood/scarf
  • Draped around your shoulders like a shawl


If a “snowpocalypse” hits your city, you might decide to drape your scarf over your hair. On a crisp fall day, a single or double loop might be your go-to. For Spring, you might opt for the shawl configuration to stay cozy while still enjoying the rising temperatures. It’s up to you!

Accessorize Any Outfit with an Infinity Scarf

Another advantage of adding an infinity scarf to your wardrobe is the ability to up the style factor of any outfit — especially if you’re already prone to rocking a minimalist style.

Want to maximize your matching opportunities? Pick a scarf in an earthy tone. The Danae Yarn Infinity Scarf comes in five neutral colors: camel, black, cream, dark blue and brown.

Stay Warm, Cozy and Chic All Day

Infinity scarves aren’t just practical; they’re stylish, too. Adding the right scarf into the mix can tie together an entire look in one move.

Try playing with contrast, like layering an ultra-chunky knit scarf over a more streamlined wool coat or brightening up a dark ensemble with a scarf in a lighter shade.

Enjoy Quality Materials & Craftsmanship

Like any accessory, infinity scarves come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. There’s no single answer to how wide infinity scarves are crafted or from which fabrics they’re made. But, in this department, you do get what you pay for! The last thing you want is to buy one then and realize your scarf is causing you to itch or overheat. 

Premium materials — like the soft Merino wool found in the London Infinity knit wool scarf — alleviate this concern both in its smooth feel on your skin and its breathability.

Infinity scarves for women work for winter, fall, and spring. Why? They’re versatile in both look and feel. Think of one or more as an investment in both your style and comfort. And (bonus) you’ll never get bored because there’s almost no limit to how you can arrange this must-have accessory.

Check out Marcella’s collection of infinity scarves in a variety of knits and colors today.

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