5 Pieces of Clothing That Define New York Style

Whether you live in New York or just love to visit, it’s undeniable that there’s a certain collective sense of style in the so-called “The City That Never Sleeps.” It’s arguably the capital of street style — just as fashion-forward on any random weekday as it is when iconic events like Fashion Week come to town.


In fact, you can probably close your eyes right now and picture what New York-style clothing might look like. While there’s no singular “correct” way to dress in NYC, there are definitely a few staples that have remained popular there even as other trends come and go.

Here are just five pieces of clothing that define the New York style.

Simple, Upscale Separates

Have you ever seen someone stand out as the best-dressed person in the room while wearing a simple white shirt and black jeans?

Of course, part of this fashionista’s magic boils down to attitude — confidence is practically a requirement for pulling off any New York outfit. But the other part of what can make an otherwise “basic” outfit so stunning is the understanding that minimalist pieces can sometimes speak the loudest.

There’s a good reason why a well-curated outfit of upscale separates is often the uniform of choice for “it girls.”

A Statement-Making Jacket

New Yorkers do outerwear like nobody else — partly because it’s such a style-savvy city and partly because there’s no getting around the need for NYC winter outfits to combat the cold.

When you first think of New York-style coats, you might envision a rough-and-tumble leather jacket. This is an investment piece worth getting right the first time because you can wear it for years to come.

And when New Yorkers want to look more elegant? Wool jackets and coats for women are a big hit because they’re cozy and chic in equal measure. It also wouldn’t be at all unusual to see a fashionista strutting the streets of NYC in an eye-catching piece like this Avery Wool Cape.

Comfortable Shoes with an Edge

Navigating a big city without a comfortable pair of kicks is a recipe for disaster. Not only should your shoes show off your sense of style, but they should also consist of high-quality materials so you can put some serious miles on them.

All women’s designer shoes online from Marcellamoda are made from premium Italian materials like genuine leather — and, fittingly, inspired by NYC and handcrafted in Europe.

Comfortable shoes with an edge are not your parents’ sensible sneakers; they’re streetwear ready yet functional for everyday wear.

A Knockout Little Black Dress

Ah, the LBD — the first garment many New Yorkers reach for when the cocktail hour arrives. The beauty of wearing a little black dress today is that there are simply so many shapes and styles to choose from in both midi and maxi lengths.

A Sturdy Leather Bag 

And, of course, no outfit is complete without a sturdy leather bag as a carryall and a fashion statement. A signature tote, clutch or backpack is an absolute must-have in the concrete jungle.

The Shayla Tote and the Italian Leather Backpack from Marcellamoda are two quality options for staying organized while on the go.

Above all, New-York style clothing is fresh but timeless. Check out more NYC-inspired minimalism from Marcella today!

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