What Personal Style Means To Meerim Altinbek | January Capsule Spotlight



For Marcella January's Capsule, we asked a VERY special individual to curate her fave pieces - Meer Altinbek, our own Head of Customer Experience! 

Read more from Meer in our Q&A below and shop her curated January Capsule selections here.



Tell us a little about yourself!
My name is Meer (she/her) and I work here at Marcella. When I’m not at work I can usually be found at a coffee shop huddled over a good book or rewatching Schitt’s Creek while cuddling with my cats. 


Where are you from?
I was actually born in Kyrgyzstan and moved to the States with my mom when I was 8 years old. I’ve moved around a bit, but have called Boston my home for the past two years. 


Can you tell us more about what you do here at Marcella?
You mean other than browsing our site and purchasing everything that comes out? 😉
I’m the Head of Customer Experience and have been with Marcella for a little over two years now. My team handles the communication, engagement, and customer needs across all of our channels. 


What do you enjoy most about working at Marcella?

Even if I wasn’t working here at Marcella, I would definitely be a customer and a supporter. It sounds a bit corny but I really do admire our commitment to empowering women and supporting education for young girls. We’re sustainable, cause-driven, and make some beautiful garments.



What has been your personal experience with education?
I’ve always had great experiences with education and consider many of my teachers in high school and college as my role models to this day. My mom moved to the States so I can have better education and I’ve always been grateful for that.


What does education mean to you?
Education is a lifelong pursuit that happens inside and outside of the classroom. I’m still learning every day from online classes, podcasts, and my multi-talented team. 


What is one item in your wardrobe that you can't live without?
It’s hard to beat the versatility of a good pair of white sneakers. They can go with almost every outfit and it’s an essential part of my wardrobe.


How would you describe your personal style?
Neutral palettes, clean silhouettes, and monochromatic minimalism. Lately, I’ve been into some asymmetric styles as well.




How do you put your personal 'stamp' on a winter outfit?
A little bit of accessorizing goes a long way in my opinion. Oversized scarves, like The Bronx, are favorites. I also love adding gold jewelry to my winter outfits. 


What is your favorite piece from your Marcella capsule?
The aptly named Meer Lug Sole Boots! I wear these boots almost every day, they’re super durable, comfortable, and surprisingly lightweight.  


What advice would you have for people looking to hone their personal style?
My advice is to first get to know what flatters your specific body type and experiment with different styles to find what makes you feel good. Invest in quality basics that can be dressed up or down, and accessorize to add personality to your outfits. The most important thing, I’d say, is that you’re comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing! 


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