What Personal Style Means To Maria Del Russo | December Capsule Spotlight

For the latest in our monthly capsule series, Betches Media's Branded Content Director Maria Del Russo styled some of her favorite Marcella pieces into five cozy-meets-modern fall outfits. To ring in the launch of the new capsule, we sat down with the writer and blogger to discuss her life in NYC, the power of education, and her number-one wardrobe essential.

Check out how Maria styled her Marcella picks and read more from our Q&A below, plus shop her curated capsule selections here.

Maria Del Russo is shown in two images wearing the Mallory Coat in Cream, a long wool belted wool coat. Mallory is layered over the Phoebe Dress, a fitted black turtleneck dress with a midi length. The outfit is finished with a black mini bag, the Dylan Top Handle Purse, and the Leo Ankle Boots, which are black pointed toe boots with a geometric pyramid heel. The first image shows a close-up of Maria from the waist up in this outfit, and the second image is a full-length look from the back.


Tell us a little about yourself!
My name is Maria Del Russo. I'm a writer and a branded content creator. I love to write. I love to cook. I love reality television.


Where are you from?
I grew up in New Jersey. I am a born-and-bred Jersey girl to the point where when I was in college, I used to watch The Sopranos because it helped cure my homesickness. 


What made you come to New York City?
It's a cliché to say but the reason I came to New York City was because of Sex and the City. I grew up watching it. I knew I wanted to be a writer. And it just seemed like Manhattan was the place for all of that to happen.
Maria is shown from the waist up with one hand in her pocket, wearing two Marcella pieces. Her outfit includes the Maria Turtleneck Top, which is a sleek, fitted black turtleneck made with stretchy jersey, that features one triangular cutout at each shoulder with a fine mesh paneling. The top is paired with Marcella's Vinci Pants, a fitted black pant made from Italian vegan leather. The pants have a luxe matte finish and are high stretch. Maria has styled this look with her curly hair half pulled back, classic gold hoop earrings, and a black leather belt with a modern minimalist gold buckle.


Can you tell us more about your day job?
For my day job, my 9-5, I am a branded content director for Betches Media. I create really amazing branded content for a lot of our partners. In my off-time, I write a newsletter called Sunday Sauce which is all about food and life and kind of how those two things interact. 


What has been your personal experience with education?
I loved school. I had some pretty incredible teachers. It was actually my high school English teacher who encouraged me to write for the newspaper which kind of put me on the path to be a writer. 


What does education mean to you?
I really see my education as being the foundation of my curiosity. And to me that is a success. Being a curious person who kind of just wants to go out and learn more. I think that learning begets learning. So, I'm a big proponent of it and I think everyone should have access to it. 
 Maria is shown in two images in another Marcella outfit. The first photo is a full shot taken in her kitchen. Her head is thrown back laughing. Maria is wearing the Market Turtleneck Sweater in Medium Grey, a knit wool sweater with a clean, semi-fitted silhouette and raised seams created with a purl stitch. The sweater is worn over the Phoebe Dress, a fitted black jersey dress that falls below the knees and also has a turtleneck neckline. She has paired these with the Leo Ankle Boots, a black leather pointed toe boot with pointed blocky heels. She is wearing the same outfit in the second photo, where she is seated at a wooden table with her hand propping up her chin.


What is one item in your wardrobe that you can't live without?
One item in my wardrobe that I can't live without is probably a really good pair of denim. I'm obsessed with a good pair of jeans. I wear jeans most days. I feel like every person needs like that one pair that you barely ever wash because you are wearing it all the time.


How would you describe your personal style?
I think my style is a bit of a mix. In a lot of ways, I'm influenced by my mother, and the big hair, gold jewelry, and figure-hugging silhouettes she used to wear in the '80s. But I also love a flare jean, an oversized sweater, and a feathered haircut that's much more in line with '70s or '90s fashion. I just sort of see how I feel when I wake up in the morning and let that feeling guide me.


How does living in New York influence your style?
I love living in New York because anything goes. Since there aren't really any rules here, I feel like I can really play around with my personal style. If I feel like dressing up with lots of leather and feathers, I go for it. If I want to be a little cozy and wear a pair of overalls and a huge sweater, I go. I think that's why my style is so flex—you really can wear what you want in New York.

There are three images shown of Maeria in three different outfits and different poses. In the top left photo, she reclines on a couch in the Market Turtleneck Sweater in Medium Grey, and the Vinci Pants in vegan black leather. She accessorizes the look with a long minimalist gold necklace. In the photo below, she poses on a tile floor with the Phoebe Dress, a fitted, long sleeved turtleneck black knee length dress, paired again with the Leo Ankle Boots in Black and her gold necklace. She is also holding the Dylan Top Handle Purse in Key Lime, a light green mini crescent bag crafted from pebbled leather. In the final image, on the right, she is shown again in the outfit featuring the Mallory Coat in Cream, the Phoebe Dress in Black, and the Leo Ankle Boots in Black. She is standing leaned against an arched doorway in her home.


How do you put your personal 'stamp' on a winter outfit?
I live for an accessory. I've been wearing huge bug-eye sunglasses and a bright orange hat since the weather has gotten chillier. I think they add some flare to an outfit when you're super bundled up. 


What is your favorite piece from your Marcella capsule?
I am obsessed with the Vinci Pants. They are so comfortable and surprisingly warm. I love that they have some stretch, and that they're pull-on. I actually tried to unclasp the button for longer than I'd like to admit when I first got them. 


What advice would you have for people looking to hone their personal style?
To me, personal style is all about buying quality pieces that you can wear in a bunch of different ways, and then peppering in the flare. Not only does it mean my closet has more longevity, it means I can shop my values more and buy things that are sustainably-made, thrifted, or upcycled. There are certain staples I'll always have in my closet: Good denim, a pair of leather pants, turtlenecks for layering, and a statement coat that goes with everything. Then, once a year or so, I'll visit my favorite thrift or vintage shops and pick up some things to add a little spice—leopard pants, a vintage cropped cardigan with a fur collar, the perfect '90s sundress. So start with the foundational capsule pieces and build from there. That's always been the way I approach things. 


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