Ode to the Foundation of All Street Style: Black and White Shoes.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate shoes. Yes, shoes. Those wonderful kicks that protect our beloved feet from puddles, potholes and gum on the sidewalk. They climb dozens of stairs. They enjoy long walks through the park. They can even handle running down the street to flag a cab!

Your shoe collection is right there with you every step— protecting you from the elements and showcasing your unique sense of style.

At some point, we all realize that investing in quality footwear is not simply a choice — it’s a way of life. Want to get the most mileage out of your next pair of kicks?

Here's why we love investing in black and white shoes as the foundation of great street style. 

Four reasons:

#1: Create Instant Contrast

These colors make their wearers look poised, balanced and self-assured at every turn. No wonder Cruella De Vil is one of the most memorable film villains ever — her hairdo and ensembles create an intense contrast between black and white, with a splash of red thrown in for extra drama.

There’s something so visually stunning about incorporating the lightest and darkest ends of the color spectrum into your outfit, and shoes are part of this puzzle. Coupling a white or off-white pair of shoes with a black outfit, or vice versa, will make a statement wherever you go. Case in point: Check out this model rocking the Cynara Jumpsuit in black — shout out to its edgy halter neck and drop crotch —with a clean pair of white sneakers.  

You can also capture that desirable contrast in a single pair of shoes, like our Karma Boot in black and white. The genuine leather uppers and dual zippers are black, while the outsoles and toe cap stand out in an eye-catching white shade.

#2: Match with Everything in Your Wardrobe

The farther toward minimalist your footwear collection leans, the easier time you’ll have matching your favorite clothes with your favorite shoes. Black and white are well known for going with...well...just about everything.


As we mentioned earlier, you can turn up the volume a couple notches with some artful contrast — or you can go monochromatic for a cohesive look. You can also wear the most colorful piece in your wardrobe with black and white shoes without fear of clashing. 

#3: Capture Urban-Inspired Style

Some of the punchiest, most iconic developments in fashion history have occurred thanks to the visual appeal of black and white: the Little Black Dress, the classic white tee, the sleek black leather jacket, fresh white sneakers… the list goes on. 

The imagery practically defines urban-inspired style.

Just like a big city itself, these timeless colors persevere, even as trends come and go. While those neon day-glow kicks might be the look for a season — or less! — clothing and accessories in these eternal colors have proven they’re here to stay.

So, investing in some quality black-and-white kicks is a simple way to stay perpetually at the height of fashion from the bottom up.

 #4: You Can Wear Them for Work or Play

Black and white designer shoes are multi-talented. Period. You can wear them to crush your work meeting just as easily as you can rock them on your day off. With so many minimalist shoes and shoe brands for women available, there’s really no end to the designs you can find — in pumps, mules, boots, sneakers, sandals and more.

Check out our own lineup of women’s designer shoes, including boots and sandals designed in NYC and handcrafted in Europe.

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