Shopping Minimalist to Maximize Your Impact

What are the hallmarks of a minimalist wardrobe? 

Think streamlined shapes, a selective palette of colors and a smaller number of quality pieces. To encapsulate the look and lifestyle into a single word: Simplicity. The advantages of choosing to dress this way are many, both for personal reasons as well as for the benefit of the world at large. 

With that in mind, consider these four key reasons to support minimalist clothing brands. 

1. Cost

The most significant benefit of a minimalist wardrobe is the ability it gives you to reduce. In fact, the whole point of minimalist style clothing brands is to enable you to do more with less. 

Wide- and straight-legged black pants, versatile casual and cocktail tops for women, thick sweaters and a few good pairs of boots can be the foundation of a stunningly chic wardrobe when decorated with bold accessories and worn with attitude.

Buying fewer clothes of higher quality can actually help you save money over time because you’ll find yourself replacing worn and outdated pieces from your closet less often. Your wallet and your street style both say, “Yes please!”

2. More Freedom

Spending less means more freedom of choice in other areas of your life. Case in point: The cash you save on a fast fashion wardrobe can go toward your dream vacation — which you can then use as an opportunity to show off your tasteful-yet-edgy ensembles in a new part of the world.

And, less time shopping means more free time to enjoy that extra cash. You’re freed from chasing the latest sales, slavishly adhering to the latest trends and worrying about what’s “out” or “in.” Confident your personal style is all the style you need, you’re free to be you — without getting whiplash from trying to keep up with short-lived fads.

3. Social Responsibility

The current trend toward fast fashion, in which new styles are introduced as often as every two weeks, promotes waste — period. In a time when the earth’s resources are becoming ever scarcer, and manufacturing is doing irreversible damage to our environment, it’s tough to feel good about buying cheap clothes and discarding them soon after.

And yet, that’s exactly what fast fashion advocates are promoting. What’s more, to keep the clothes flying off the racks, prices have to be so low that the only way to produce the garments is to exploit hardworking people who have little choice but to work for next to nothing. 

Here at Marcella, we are all about fair labor practices and sustainable designs. That’s why we source our premium materials from within the European Union and produce every garment by hand through our partnerships with trustworthy ateliers. It’s a big part of who we are as a minimalist clothing brand.

4. Fast Fashion’s False Economy

Fast fashion’s whole game is being fast and cheap, so the quality just isn’t there — which means clothing must be replaced more often. So while you do indeed pay less for each piece, you buy far more pieces in the long run. 

Fast fashion isn’t as inexpensive as it seems — by any measure. 

Those are just four of the reasons to support minimalist street wear brands. Others include the autonomy to put together your own powerful minimalist collection and the time you’ll save worrying about your wardrobe every day. 

Think going minimalist is boring? Browse Marcella’s take on minimalism with an edge; you won’t be disappointed. The leading minimalist style clothing brands really know how to balance timelessness and versatility with show stopping style!

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