Get to Know the Andrea Dress — A Fashionista’s Best Friend

Your favorite dresses hanging in your closets are more than just garments you wear to a work party or a happy hour gathering — they’re friends. After the honeymoon phase, you’ll spend enough time together to get to know every stitch and seam. A well-crafted, timeless dress will be with you for seasons to come, helping you take on every party or social event that comes your way. You’ll even make unforgettable memories together! But first, you have to pick the right dress.

Allow us to introduce you to the Andrea Dress. It’s truly a fashionista’s best friend: classic enough to outpace trends, but edgy enough to leave an impression on everyone you encounter.

Here are three reasons you should get to know the Andrea Dress and its many features today.

Make a Statement with Asymmetric Sleeves

Probably the most distinctive quality the Andrea possesses is its striking asymmetrical sleeves. On one side, you have a cuffed short one hitting just below the shoulder. On the other is a striking batwing sleeve falling between the elbow and the wrist — complete with elegant gathers leading the eye over into the longer side. 

Putting such an unexpected twist on a classic design breathes some serious life into the look. Besides the fresh sleeves, Andrea offers a delightfully asymmetrical neckline along with a contoured midi skirt that hugs the curves of the body in all the right ways.

Add Edgy Accessories for a Show Stopping Ensembles

The Andrea Dress can steal the spotlight on its own, but it’s even more powerful with the right accessories — like a rectangular clutch and long earrings.

This is really a piece that can be styled up for a glam night out or toned down with tasteful neutral accessories. When in doubt, reach for your favorite pair of nude heels and earth-toned jewelry. The beauty of this dress is you’ll have no problem mixing and matching your favorite minimalist accessories to complete the look you want to achieve.


Move Effortlessly in Flexible, Stretchy Fabric

When you’re trying on dresses ahead of an evening out, you’re first and foremost checking the mirror to see how it looks. But another important thing to consider is how a garment feels on your body.

You need cute and comfortable — something able to keep up with all your steps and dance moves. Andre’s soft, flexible Jersey fabric is composed of a careful blending of Viscose and Lycra. The result? You can move freely without worrying about your dress getting in the way.


So, go ahead; climb those stairs, dance to your favorite song, sit in your beloved corner booth. Take a car or a train. Whatever the night brings, you’ll be able to take it all in stride.

We’ve shared a little bit about what makes the Andrea Dress such a wonderful addition to your wardrobe. But the best way to learn more is to find out for yourself.
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