Celebrating Black History Month

At Marcella, we believe in the power of being inclusive. We choose to embrace the global civilization by creating a brand for every woman. 

At the heart of our company lies a strong tie to ethics. First and foremost, we strive to create products that work for real women—regardless of skin color, ethnicity, creed. To us, great style doesn’t see the color of your skin. Instead, it highlights it. 

This February, we celebrate Black History Month by educating ourselves on the past and opening doors to the future. It’s been fifty years since the first official Black History Month was celebrated and each year that passes brings another opportunity to recognize its importance. Coinciding with Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, the official month-long celebration pays homage to the man who was instrumental in abolishing slavery, while celebrating the achievements of African American people across the nation.

At first, one might not see a connection between this significant national tribute and fashion but look closer and you’ll see how they’re linked. By having a brand for each and every woman, we’re hopefully creating fashion that allows for a glimpse into the psyche and way of life of all wearers.

In the end, fashion should be enjoyed by everyone

Otherwise, what’s the point?

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Thank you for including woman of various sizes. Your xxl is real👍🏾. 😘

Danni Tyson February 24, 2020

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