3 Ways to Style Your Wool Infinity Scarf

Practical, versatile and ever-so-flattering, infinity scarves are as much fashion statement as they are a useful tool for warding off harsh winter weather. They are also a fun way to augment a wide variety of minimalist looks — like the cherry on top of an already yummy sundae. 

What’s more, there are virtually endless ways to style your wool infinity scarf. Let’s take a look at three of them.

The Simple Loop

A continuous ring of fabric, the easiest way to style an infinity scarf is to hang it around your neck. Simply put it over your head – let it fall to your shoulders – and drape naturally. Take one end of it and loop it over your head again if it’s hanging too low for your tastes or if you want it to fit more closely around your neck for added warmth. You can also vary the diameter of the loops to create a layered effect. 

Since your scarf will be cozied up against your neck and face, you’ll want to select one made from premium materials and soft yarn. For instance, our Danae Infinity Scarf is handcrafted in Europe using a yarn blend of Merino wool and acrylic. Not only does a chunky knit infinity scarf look striking against any outfit, but this accessory is meant to feel like a blanket against your sensitive skin.

The Hood

One of the simplest styles to achieve is also the most dramatic. 

Place the scarf around your neck, then pull the upper end of it over the crown of your head, positioning it so it also drapes past your ears. Spread the part of the scarf covering your head toward the back of your neck to create a hood effect. This looks wonderfully elegant, even as it protects your head, neck and ears from the elements.

This trick works especially well with a Merino infinity scarf — like our oversized knit London Infinity Scarf. You can also loop the bottom half over your head again to get it closer to your neck.


The Shawl

Slip one of your arms through the scarf so it drapes over that shoulder. Then, bring it around your back and slip your other arm through so the top half of the scarf is resting upon both of your shoulders. Spread the fabric so it covers your shoulders evenly, which will also make the lower half lie more flatly against your back. 

This works well as a substitute for a light sweater or a vest in a pinch or as a style all its own.

These are just a few of the many ways to style your infinity scarf. If ever an item of clothing could be said to be more than the sum of its parts, this is it.

In fact, the large soft circle of fabric known as the wool infinity scarf could well turn out to be one of the hardest working items in your winter wardrobe. Once you’ve experienced the way it can serve as a muffler for your neck or a hood for your head, as well as a shawl or a vest for your body, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one.

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