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Sometimes, you just don’t know your wardrobe was missing a unique piece of clothing until you see that piece of clothing. That’s just what bolero sweaters bring to your wardrobe, a unique piece that can come in a variety of fabrics, colors, and styles. A women’s bolero brings a bit of edge and elegance to your wardrobe, and with Marcella’s design philosophy, you know this versatile piece can mix and match with the rest of your wardrobe to create outstanding outfits. 

What is a Bolero? 

First peaking in the 90s, the bolero top is a trend that has always been around for a while now, and for good reason! A bolero is a close-fitting cardigan or jacket that has been cut short at the front and back so only the arms and shoulders are covered. The results are a fun little piece that keeps your arms warm (if you wear a thicker fabric), or a simple beautiful addition to a formal outfit if you decide to go with a thinner material.

It’s a standout piece of clothing, but it’s the decisive fashion choices that turn heads, and bold pieces are the ones that you can style to create versatile looks. Fashioned with premium materials, there’s a women’s bolero that works in all seasons, from summer to winter. 

Styling a Bolero

You can create a smart and casual look featuring a bit of minimalism with the red Sheer Selma Bolero. With a bright red, you can create some delightful layering by adding it to a monochromatic outfit (black or white preferably) to make the whole outfit pop. For the outfit, you can have a classic black or white tank top and a pair of elegant, hip-hugging pants along with the bolero really help make a contrast and create some complex layers.   

If you need an extra layer for a more formal date night that involves a dress, or just need a bolero sweater that has a minimalist, modern silhouette, the Tatiana Bolero is a perfect choice. Framing your neckline and covering your arms, this shrug works with an LBD (little black dress) like the Natalia Dress or, if you want something a little more casual during the day, get a tank top with a wide-set neckline and a classic skirt.  

For more formal events, like a wedding or an accessory to a cocktail dress at a formal event, a mesh Off White Mesh Olympia Bolero works along with a romantic ankle-length dress. For when it’s golden hour, the mesh bolero top will help create a brilliant see-through layer along with your dress, making golden hour your hour.  

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