We're Adjusting Our School Days Project.

At Marcella, we take great pride in being a next generation "one-for-one" brand, where every major aspect of our business advances one goal—advancing women and girls globally. At the heart of Marcella’s Design That Matters™ are four pillars that we’re constantly balancing: Democratizing Design, Ethical Production, Sustainability and Social Impact.

Over the last two years, our brand has seen prices soar across materials, energy and transportation, among other elements. As a result, we've made an extremely difficult decision—a one-time adjustment to ensure that we can continue to meet the needs of our business across Design That Matters™. To help adjust to industry-wide price spikes, we'll continue partnering with our NGO partner, CAMFED, but now donate the equivalent of three school days for every Marcella design purchased, as opposed to five.

Our school days contributions will continue to cover the costs of school fees, books, uniforms, menstrual products, transportation—EVERYTHING that a girl in need requires to go to school. And our intention with this change is to never again lower the level of our brand’s social impact contributions.

Please note that, during the transition, you may receive Marcella materials that reference a contribution of five school days per design.

Thank you, as always, for fueling the Design That Matters Movement as we continue to grow, learn and evolve.

Siyana and Andy Huszar, Co-founders

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