The Essential Guide to Minimalist Clothing

Design-forward minimalism is more than a fashion statement. It’s an ethos. An ethos of ethical living that prioritizes care and sustainability while not sacrificing beauty. We at Marcella would argue that streamlining one’s wardrobe is an essential part of streamlining one’s life. Developing a capsule wardrobe of minimalist pieces saves time, frees up mental space and — along with other lifestyle choices – contributes to ethical industries and environmental sustainability.

Embracing minimalist fashion starts with curating a collection of timeless, durable and versatile pieces. Of course, we’re not suggesting the days of the LBD are over - we are Marcella and we do love a good LBD as much as anyone!  But, alongside your statement cocktail pieces, we believe that modern minimalism should embrace individuality, utility and beauty at once, merging edgy details with easy-to-wear sustainability.

How do you simplify your lifestyle while still ensuring your wardrobe remains a carefully-curated expression of your personality?

lady in black top with zipper - Marcella NYC

Adopting a minimalist fashion ethos can feel daunting when your closet is overflowing with items you never wear. But we’re here to help! Introducing Marcella’s five basic principles for minimalism with an edge dressing:

#1 Love the Statement One-Piece Outfit

With the world slowly opening up again post-COVID and fashion resurfacing as a lifestyle priority for all of us (we’re finally ditching the sweats, thank goodness...), we should all be eagerly clamoring for the return of the statement one-piece – the ultimate secret to easy dressing and utilitarian chic. In summer, choose dresses and jumpsuits with architectural shapes and unusual silhouettes for an instant outfit that requires no planning and little to no accessorizing (the garment, in and of itself, should be structured to reflect your taste). In winter, layer a statement coat over a monochrome foundation. Be sure to find pieces that would allow you to add shoes and a bag and be good to go in an instant...

lady in blue dress - amsterdam dress- MarcellaModa NYC

#2 Invest in Monochrome Separates

Nothing oozes sophistication and effortless style like a head-to-toe monochrome color palette. (That it makes you look slimmer and taller doesn’t hurt, either!) Monochrome dressing is an elegant solution to mixing more fashion-forward items with repurposing items you already own. Opt for a mix of tops and bottoms in the same color but with slight tonal and textural differences and add interest by investing in new garments with pockets, zippers and unusual hems and necklines. The most flattering way to wear monochrome is to start with bottoms in a slightly darker shade, incorporating lighter color variations as you work your way up.

#3 Prioritize Fabric and Texture

Minimalism implies attention to elements that lie below the surface: quality, ethical craftsmanship and social responsibility. When choosing minimalist pieces, think “texture” over “color.” The texture, weight, and sheen of a fabric are often-overlooked aspects of dressing well. Texture influences the appearance of color, as well as impacting the illusion of size and shape. Texture also contributes to one of the most important criteria for minimalist dressing: comfort. Minimalist fashion staples should always feel good against the skin (hence, the resulting desire to wear the same pieces more…).

lady in beige top with arms raised-minimalist clothing- MarcellaModa NYC

#4 Adopt the ‘One Bag’ Mantra

Scale down your daily essentials, digitize your loyalty cards, opt for electronic payment methods… and invest in ONE, spectacular, minimalist bag. The best bag is the one that you can take with you everywhere, casual to cocktail, day to night. You don’t need more than one, especially if it’s a bag that embraces a unique architectural shape or flourish (and likely is black!). Bonus: you’ll save invaluable time in your life looking for missing items and transferring your belongings from one handbag to another.

person with black sweater and zipper hands streched out-MarcellaModa NYC

#5 Style your Down-time

Working from home remains the norm for most of us for the foreseeable future so be sure to embrace fully the idea! This is the power of the smart-casual loungewear capsule: you’ll be dressing like the best version of yourself wherever you are. Our collection of leggings, harem pants, and tailored sweatshirts, for example, might help you maximize your at-home productivity without compromising comfort. Not only will you feel better bidding farewell to those stained sweatpants and stretched-out tees (your traditional “at home” wear), but you’ll be reorienting your mindset to save the best for home – which, after all, is the most important place of all!

The entire brand ethos of Marcella is founded on the idea that a capsule wardrobe of minimalist clothing essentials will save time and simplify your life, leaving more space for the most important experiences, whatever those may be to you. And making the switch to minimalism is easier than you think. Apply these five simple principles of easy minimalist dressing and you’ll never look back.

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