Slow fashion lessons for all of us.


Five years after the Rana Plaza tragedy that left more than 1,130 dead and 2,500 injured, we take a moment to reflect on what we do in our company to contribute to the #FashionRevolution that this tragedy sparked.


While fashion has become one of the main culprits for women’s exploitation worldwide, we at Marcella, by contrast, care about our team members as our own family. Profit is a secondary objective when it comes to the people you call your co-workers and friends. We can proudly say that our atelier’s pay, working conditions and overall benefits are some of the best in the industry globally and we rejoice in this fact.


Let us all pay attention to which brand we support with our purchases. We stand with #WhoMadeMyClothes?, the growing online movement designed to increase transparency on the fashion industry and encourage reflection on where our clothes come from. 

Do not forget that a human being with dreams and hopes touched each piece of Marcella clothing. Keep in mind the high cost humanity pays for the $25 shirt in the store on the corner. It really all comes down to economics and the choices we make. Higher consciousness is on the rise and we plan for our company to continue being part of the solution!

Co-founder and Creative Director

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