Introducing #Freed, Our SS' 19 Collection, Minimalist, Edgy, Liberating...

Spring is often celebrated as a time for new beginnings. Our hemisphere of earth moves back into the sun’s view. This reunion welcomes new life to earth’s surface.

Crocuses sprout through patches of melting snow. Cherry blossoms bud in city parks and botanic gardens. Bird songs brighten. Bike lanes become lively again. Aspects of self that were dormant in winter begin craving space to express and emerge. We suddenly feel more open, playful, empowered, and energetic.

The self, perhaps more so than in other seasons, yearns to align with nature’s process and take up space. In turn, we crave lovingly made clothing that gracefully attunes to the seasonal change and celebrates the dynamism of our internal experiences.
 Soft and Bold

Asymmetric Linen Dress
Like nature’s unfurlings, the character of our internal spring awakenings are soft and simple as they are bold and edgy.

We are moved to open our windows and invite breeze into our homes, to slip on a clean, elegant kaftan and visit the flower stand for a bouquet of tulips, to watch the sun drop behind the city skyline for the first time in months.

Simultaneously, we are moved to share what’s been germinating internally all winter. We want to assert our edge and take up space with new ideas, creative projects, insights, feelings, and ambitions. We want respect for these developments just as much as we want lightness in other aspects of experience--to move our bodies under sunlight, to laugh and dance the balmy city night away.

Our clothes need to be able to support us effortlessly through the beautiful versatility of these experiences.
Ease with Edge
Oversized Hoodie
“Freed” aims to do exactly this, to marry ease and comfort with a bold minimalist design that can serve as a spring/summer capsule wardrobe for years to come.

Cue silhouettes that are loose and detached from the body with strong asymmetrical lines and statement sleeves. Cue breathable, sustainable, European-sourced fabrics in colors that echo the romance of the city during warm months. Ethereal whites and sunny grays that complement newly sun-kissed skin. Sandy beiges and sapphire blues for long summer dusks.

Cowl Neck Top
In the early, cooler days of spring, a simple sweatshirt with statement sleeves for the morning commute to yoga. For working summer days an asymmetrical organic cotton blouse that looks as smart in the office as it does easy and edgy for happy hour. For long, warm weekends, a featherlight, expertly draped sundress that can take you from the farmer’s market to the Rockaways, and back to the city for a dinner date without stopping home to change.

In this season of awakenings and new beginnings, we want our clothing to move us through our days and into our nights without impediment. We want to feel light and easy as much as we need to feel expressed and seen. Months of inspired imagination within our Marcella atelier has produced a street style collection we believe to be as liberating as it is upscale. In other words, like you, our cherished community, we gravitate toward feeling #freed…

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