Congratulations. Love your clothing! San Diego would welcome your brick and mortar store, just saying!
(Fashion Valley or University Town Center) 🤞💖💫

Julie Gibson June 26, 2023

I bought your products nicely designed and the prices are affordable Wishing you great success

Lynn Weikel June 06, 2023

Congratulations!!! So excited for you~ Many blessings and success 🙏💜

Sierra Luz June 06, 2023

Siyana and Andy,
I wanted to congratulate you both on your new adventure with shop in San Francisco!
I’m sure the store is as elegant and classy as the Marcella line of clothing! I’m sure your staff is equally as amazing .
I have been a customer for a few years with you!
Although I would love everything I own in my wardrobe to be of your brand…I have a few treasured lovely pieces!
Marcella’s clothing line is unsurpassed. I am so pleased with the quality of materials and clothing styles. Classic with an edge!
I can’t wait to shop again with you on line.
If I’m ever traveling in San Francisco, I would be thrilled to check out your shop!
Thank you for your most beautiful selection of clothing line.
All the best in your endeavors in your San Francisco brick and mortar shop. May this be the first of more to come across the US and abroad in the future.
I am a fashionista! I wear your clothes with pride. I promote your line with anyone who pays me a compliment.
Warm regards,

Therese Naughton June 06, 2023

Congratulations 💐🍾🥂 Love most everything….. awesome job….. I have cancer and I am unable to shop like others….. finding you two and your company was/is like hitting a gold mine! Enables me to keep up to date with your wonderful garments. Thank you dearly.😘

sheila unger June 06, 2023

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