Congratulations very impressed!

Margaritt June 01, 2024


Linda Flakes June 01, 2024

Great read!

Eileen Spillane Lalonde June 01, 2024


Stephen Becker May 22, 2024


Sharon Miller December 15, 2023

Thank you for providing jobs. I love your merchandise! Looking forward for Spring’s selections.

Melaney Parrish December 06, 2023


Arshia November 20, 2023

Ia impressive your career path, looking forward to to learn more from you

Cindy November 20, 2023

Love this! Thanks for sharing!

Olivia Knudson November 20, 2023

I think I started buying clothes from Marcella after Covid. Their clothes are reasonably priced, comfortable and their customer service was outstanding!

I have worked in retail for over thirty three years and to have good communication with a retailer that gets back to you and offers an additional discount for your troubles is worth it to buy from!!

I cannot wait for you to open in NYC!

Felicia Purvis September 07, 2023


Laura September 07, 2023

Please e-mail me additional information and examples of your product!

Cynthia Robbins September 07, 2023

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