What’s Keeping Us Warm This Holiday Season: A Q&A From Your Marcella Team


It goes without saying that our holiday celebrations will look a bit different this year. We could go into this season thinking we’ll miss out on big moments, but we at Marcellamoda are choosing to see this upcoming season instead as an opportunity to create new traditions. In this spirit, we decided to share with you the things that bring us together - even when we can’t be together. We hope these sentiments inspire you to make this holiday season one to remember, no matter the circumstances...


What is your favorite part of the holidays?

“I love this time of year because everyone opens their hearts! There is such a big presence of love, community, and cheer around this time. Seeing people go out of their way for others is my favorite part of this season.”

-Kallan, Intern

“I truly enjoy the music. I started revamping my holiday playlist as soon as we hit November, and no, you can never play All I Want For Christmas Is You too many times.” We hear that, Kim!
-Kim, Head of Customer Care

“Everything! I love the music, the cheesy movies, all the food, and how it brings people together in a really special way.”
-Lorraine, Intern

What Marcella item(s) is(are) on your wishlist for BFCM and why?

Francesca, Lorraine, and Helena are all hoping for the Elizabeth Wool Coat to be under their trees.  Lorraine has had it on her wishlist since she started working with us, and Helena even went so far as to call it a potential game changer for her winter wardrobe. “It's the definition of a winter staple. So chic! I'm obsessed with it's oversized fit and drop-shoulder,” says Francesca. Not to worry about our running out: available in camel, medium grey, black, and blush pink, there’s an Elizabeth coat for everyone!

If you can recommend one Marcella item to shop as a gift for your friends and family, what is it?

Several members of our team excitedly shared that they’re giving our scarves to loved ones this year. “It feels just like a wearable hug, and especially when we're able to hug people a lot less, it's the perfect gift to give instead,” says Lorraine. 

Others commented that 
our face masks will also make for excellent stocking stuffers for the whole family. Kim shares that they’ve always been a big hit with her family and plans to surprise her loved ones with some of our new colors and accessories. Helena highlights that this year face masks are as big of a necessity as other common gifts. “I feel like masks are becoming the new socks of gift-giving because everyone needs them. ”Surprise your loved ones with the best designer face masks on the market (washable filters, a nose wire, and adjustable ear loops included): our face masks! Of course, we may be biased about ours being the best but it doesn’t hurt that the Wall Street Journal didn’t disagree…)



Although it might be a bit different this holiday season, what are your plans?

Our celebrations this year will have to be at home but who ever said they have to be boring? Like Kallan shares, “The new normal isn’t as scary as people think - just a return to the important things.” In different ways, so many on the team commented that, with so much on our to-do lists, cutting back and finding pleasure in the simple things is actually priceless. Intern Meerim shares that she’s looking forward to “a lot of baking, drinking eggnog, and long distance zoom calls.” Whether you’re a Christmas music lover, designated gift wrapper or the head chef this year (if not all three at once…), we hope that you make the most of it. Finding pleasure in the little things can do big things for all of our spirits!

No matter where you are, whom you spend it with, or how many gifts there are under your tree, we sincerely wish you a holiday filled with joy and peace. We’ll be thinking of all of you when we’re sipping our eggnog.  ; )


Happy Holidays!

Your Marcella Team

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