The Can't Keep Them In Stock GIVEAWAY! ($1030 Value)

Let's face it: for better or worse, there have been certain items this season selling so fast that we can't always keep them in stock for you. So, here at Marcella, we made a decision. Why not just let you WIN THEM ALL in one big GIVEAWAY?!

How to join in the fun: place any order through Midnight, March 7th and be automatically entered to win ALL of the following best-selling designs: Tompkins Sweatshirt DressBlake SweatshirtCarnegie Knee-High BootsCortlandt SweaterSyd BackpackOdette Long Zipper Wallet (for a value of $1030). Winner will be notified on March 8th.

We wish you luck! Team Marcella



Hi there. I also am a huge fan of these classic and timeless styles! If I win, I would give these to my sister , who lost her life partner to cancer a year ago. She has 3 beautiful children and does so much for them daily, and leaves herself last for buying fashionable wear. She is really beautiful on the inside and outside. She is an amazing mother, sister and friend and She is absolutely humble. I couldn’t think of someone who would appreciate this and also look stunning. Her daughter is a model and I used to model, but she is even more of a beautiful person who works hard daily being the best mom , traveling with her children for events ( competitions for school), and keeping them engaged in after school activities. I think she could use this “glow up “ and her daughter could spread the word about your fabulous clothing through her following. At 25 years old, and a young looking 40- something ( looking 30 something)- they both would be stunning in these clothes as a mother, daughter duo as they are very close and supportive of one another through everything. 🫶 She leads a healthy lifestyle and though she does practice self- care, I know that she doesn’t buy herself fancy clothing too often. She is such a sweet woman and I am praying that she finds joy every day in her future. She is stylish, but budget conscious saving money for the childrens college funds. This would be an amazing surprise and gift. Thank- you for the wonderful opportunity!

Kimberly Boroski March 08, 2023

Beatiful & interesting! Would love every single one!

Emily Timchak March 08, 2023

The quality is amazing!

Marcella Young March 08, 2023

I would be soooooooooo excited.

Traci Clayton March 07, 2023

I’m always looking for unique clothes. I was so pleased when I saw your website.

Looking forward to receiving my order! Incidentally I’d like to mention that your service is awesome!

Arlene Schliefer March 07, 2023

Practical, hot, sexy, unique, show-stopping just exquisite and socially conscious to boot…I’m in for life!

Joanne Payne-Preyor March 07, 2023

Love it!

Jessica March 07, 2023

I am your new mega fan! Love your clothes! I ordered form so many sites and had to return everything, fit, quality, color, nothing reached my heart, but your clothes are just perfect. I already got so many compliments!

Katja Schlamp March 07, 2023

Marcella is my go to for quality designed fashion! I highly recommend it!

Lin Gale March 07, 2023

I got one of your blouses I love it love the color, the quality and if it’s really well and I got so many compliments I gave. Information told where I brought it

Linda March 07, 2023

Hooked after a one time purchase. Great quality; I love it, I love it, I love it!

Genet Conyears March 02, 2023

Your clothes have a unique combination of flare, elegance and simplicity. I always get complimented when I wear them!

Dinora Salerno March 02, 2023

Great clothing

Lori Blaylock March 01, 2023

I typically buy my T-shirts and tops at Bloomingdale’s or Nordstrom‘s. Came across this site by accident. I’ve already ordered four shirts. I love it. It’s my new vibe. I had my son spread the love to over 65,000 people on his Instagram.

Mary Martinez March 01, 2023

This sounds fantastic. I hope I win!

Kharisma March 01, 2023

Would love to be the lucky winner of the fabulous pieces💕

Mara McIlvain March 01, 2023

We r so happy with all ur products 👍
Glad to know about this… please include me in this giveaway promo

Josie Maningat March 01, 2023

Gorgeous beauty with uncompromising lines using high quality fabrics.

Margie March 01, 2023

Ooooh! I have had my eye on all of these!

Johanna Olivier March 01, 2023

Love warm and comfy clothes! They are just what doctors ordered for me in chilly California!

Juro Kiyama March 01, 2023

Love this chance to win big! 😍

Laura March 01, 2023

I just spent over 500 on new wardrobe pieces on Monday!! Does my order not count towards this? Check any history going to north plains, Oregon— I’m a loyal customer! Xoxo Nat

Natalie Bernards March 01, 2023

How do we enter the giveaway???

Rafael Toscano March 01, 2023

I love everything I have purchased from Marcella! Helping to educate young women with each purchase is amazing and wonderful.
Thank you!

Andrea Cunnell March 01, 2023

I would love to win 🏆 the beautiful giveaway

Donna Ancona March 01, 2023

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