Let's Celebrate International Women's Day: 2X School Days!

International Women’s Day is always a special time here at Marcella as we look back on the year-round impact your and our contributions together have had on supporting communities of women and girls across the world. 

It's our moment to celebrate the inspiring women who've fought for our rights. And to celebrate the women in our own lives who've nurtured us, helping us to come to know our own strength. But, as we honor the incredible women of past and present, our team here ultimately believes the best way to celebrate IWD is by supporting the women of the future - investing in their education.

Let's Celebrate International Women's Day: 2X School Days!

As we all know and perhaps have even experienced ourselves, women and girls globally face unique obstacles when trying to receive an education. In impoverished communities, most of all, they are often held back by an inability of their families to afford the basic costs involved in attending school. By way of one tragic example, girls will often skip school if they’re unable to afford the products necessary to cope with menstruation. 

As you probably have heard by now if you're reading this, the Marcella brand supports five days of school for a girl in need with every design we sell. This means that we support five times the one-day cost of basic school needs like books, uniforms, transportation, menstrual products and other supplies. Not just the cost of one of these items but the cost of everything that a girl will need to go to school for one day, as tailored to her specific need. As part of our Design That Matters movement to support women and girls, we call this specific initiative "The School Days Project." Since being launched on April 14th, 2021, the School Days Project is now nearing a half million school days supported!

School Days Promotion for Intl Woman's Day

On this March 8th, we are proudly supporting TWICE the normal number of school days (10) for each garment sold as part of our School Days Project. Through our unique partnership with the powerhouse global NGO, CAMFED (The Campaign for Female Education), we're literally doubling down on our commitment to girls’ education for one day.

Like during every day—but twice as nice on this Tuesday—we thank you for enabling us to help communities of young women to thrive and grow throughout the world.

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when we lift women; we lift nations, we change the world

Maggie May 12, 2022

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