3 Reasons to Invest in an Off-White Cocktail Dress (Even Now)


No fashion statement radiates more power than confidently wearing your favorite cocktail dress for something as unceremonious as a Zoom or Facetime call.

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The woman who arrives at a small gathering or evening video call in a beautifully accessorized off-white cocktail dress will be a standout. 

This is chief among the reasons to invest in off-white cocktail dresses but there are several others to consider. Here are three.

 It’s a Celebrity Staple

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Vogue magazine affirms Angelina Jolie swears by the off-white cocktail dress all year around, as does Hailey Baldwin. It’s important to note each of those highly fashionable women has her own specific take on wearing white after Labor Day. 

So, what’s the takeaway here? 

Find the look that works best for you, be it a white off-the-shoulder cocktail dress or one of several different styles of off-white party dresses with sleeves. You can even rock asymmetrical sleeves, as seen on the Andrea Dress.

If it works on the red carpet, you can bet it will work anywhere else a touch of elegance is desired - even, until the world fully opens its doors once again, having your red carpet moment in the comfort of your home.

You’re Tired of Blending in

Before we go any farther, let us say we’re still huge fans of the little black dress. It’s a classic, a staple, a tried-and-true winner. What makes this piece so iconic is also why you’re sometimes at risk of fading into the background when you wear one to an event — if everyone else is doing the same.

In a sea of black, your off-white midi cocktail dress will tell the world you’re unbound by convention — and you know how to make eclectic work. Only more so in a season of loungewear and sweatpants, your off-white midi cocktail dress will tell the world you’re a woman confident in her ability to move through the world unfettered.  

In other words, you exist unswayed by the mundane details of day-to-day life.

 Accessorizing It Is Almost Too Easy

Color loves a neutral palette against which to play. Adorn your white one-shoulder cocktail dress — like our edgy Caterina Dress — with vibrant colorful accessories to announce your playful attitude. Trim it with gold for a classic and more substantive look. Or, go all-neutral for the ultimate in elegance.

Take stock of your accessories, aim for your desired look of the day, and ornament your ensemble accordingly. 

The beauty of off-white is you have an infinite array of choices. 

Those are just three of many reasons to invest in off-white cocktail dresses. Whether you’re taking a cue from the celebrity lifestyle, tired of blending in with the background or love expressing your creativity through accessorizing, an off white cocktail dress will elevate your personal style. 

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