Milestone: 150,000 School Days Supported!

What once started as a mere dream is now celebrated as the “School Days Project” among our team and Marcella community. We are beyond grateful for your embrace of our brand’s mission to support girls’ education globally. In the last six months, Marcella has begun to holistically live up to the vision that animated us from the very beginning - to become a brand that catalyzes societal change through the vehicle of designer fashion.

Thanks to you, our passionate Marcella community, we’ve reached our latest social impact milestone - 150,000 school days supported globally. Meaning, directly due to your purchases, we’ve been able to provide 150,000 new opportunities for girls who otherwise may not have had the resources to literally step foot inside a school.

Having embarked on April 14th, 2021 on our Design That Matters™ journey, the Marcella team is ecstatic to now be working each day to create a better future for women and girls globally. There are foundational aspects of our brand’s approach that operate beyond the social impact piece to achieve this end (i.e., our design and production approaches) but - let’s get real - who can’t get inspired first and foremost by the number of 150,000? 150,000 new school days when a girl no longer has had to worry if she’ll have the uniform, the school fees, the school supplies, the transportation, and, yes, even the menstrual products to pursue her studies.

Imagine how many big ideas will find their beginnings within those 150,000 school days...and it’s all because of you. We at Marcella can’t thank you enough for the support, the patience, the love you’ve sent our way the past six months (and, indeed, during the many years before when we were developing the potential to launch Design That Matters™ in the first place). We could’ve never imagined we’d come this far this fast and we have YOU - our community - to thank.

150,000 School Days Supported. Here’s to the next 150,000.

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