By accessing, using, or viewing The Glow Club Rewards Program or any of its services, functions, or contents, you agree to each of the following terms, conditions, and notices which govern your use of The Glow Club Rewards Program and your purchase of products on the Marcella NYC website.

The Glow Club Rewards Program Terms of Service

Please read these terms carefully before participating in the program.

General Information

The Glow Club Rewards Program is brought to you by, and benefits shall be considered void where prohibited by law. Taxes may apply where required by law. Marcella NYC assumes no liability for any user's participation that contravenes the laws or regulations of his or her state. Your participation is subject to present and future program rules. Your participation is valid only at, and Rewards may only be earned and redeemed on No purchase is necessary to enroll. To begin earning and redeeming The Glow Club Rewards Points, you must be signed up for a customer account at with a username and password.

By setting up a Glow Club Rewards account, you also consent to:

(a) Marcella NYC’s collection and use of the data collected from your Rewards activity, and (b) the Glow Club Rewards Program terms and conditions set out below.


The Glow Club Rewards is offered only in the United States (excluding, without limitation, all other US territories and overseas military installations) to individuals who are: (a) over 18 years of age as of the date of their first participation in Glow Club Rewards; and (b) legal US residents. When registering for Glow Club Rewards, you agree to register only one (1) account for the purpose of accruing or earning Points. Employees (and all the members of the immediate families or households of such employees) of the Website Owner, and their parents, affiliates, and subsidiaries are not eligible.

Earning Glow Club Rewards Points

Glow Club Rewards members can accumulate Glow Club Rewards Points for the following actions relating to their individual account as set forth below:

2 Points = Earn 2 Points when you create an account on By creating an account, you are automatically enrolled in Glow Club Rewards. Earn 5 Points for every unit of product purchased, excluding face mask products and gift cards, and not for any amount spent on taxes or shipping costs. For the avoidance of doubt, Glow Club Rewards Points are earned only for money actually spent on the product, not for the amounts of any discounts or donations. If an order is canceled, any Glow Club Rewards Points awarded for the purchase will be canceled. If a product is returned, Marcella NYC reserves the right to cancel the Glow Club Rewards Points awarded for the purchase of such product. 1 Point = Earn 1 point when you add your birthday to your Glow Club account. 1 Point = Earn 1 point when you follow Marcella NYC on Instagram from your Glow Club account. 1 Point = Earn 1 point when you follow Marcella NYC on Facebook from your Glow Club account.  30 Points = Earn 30 points when you refer friends to make a purchase on using the supplied referral link in your Glow Club account. Refer to the table below for complete Glow Club Rewards Point earning restrictions.


Point Value


Pending Period

Loyalty Tier

Create an account / Enroll in rewards


One time




5 points for each product purchased (not including face mask products or gift cards)

No limit

14 days


On your birthday


One time per year



Refer one first-time customer to purchase an order above $100


No limit

14 days


Follow us on Instagram


One time



Follow us on Facebook


One time




From time to time, Marcella NYC may temporarily amend the Glow Club Rewards Point equations without notice to users. Users only earn Glow Club Rewards Points based on activity on and via the Marcella NYC website. Glow Club Rewards Points cannot be earned in other locations or websites, and no points earned in other loyalty programs may be redeemed through the Marcella NYC website. Users will be able to check the amount of Glow Club Rewards Points accumulated in their account by logging in to their account and viewing the Glow Club landing page

Users may not redeem or exchange accumulated Glow Club Rewards Points for cash. Glow Club Rewards Points have no cash value and do not constitute property of the user. Users may not give, donate, transfer or share their Glow Club Rewards Points to another user’s account.

Marcella NYC specifically reserves the right to terminate, cancel, suspend and/or modify the Glow Club Rewards program, or any specific user's participation in Glow Club Rewards, if any fraud, virus or other technical problem corrupts the administration, security, safety or proper function of Glow Club Rewards, as determined by Marcella NYC in its sole discretion. In addition, Marcella NYC reserves the right to terminate, cancel, suspend and/or permanently ban any specific user's participation in Glow Club Rewards if Marcella NYC suspects that such user is conducting fraudulent activity to acquire, accumulate or spend Points including, but not limited to, by a user creating multiple Rewards accounts, false referrals, etc.

Redeeming Glow Club Rewards Points

Points may be redeemed at any time while making a purchase on 2 Glow Points = $1 off. Users may redeem Points by logging in to their account and claiming product rewards on the Glow Club landing page or applying Glow Points in the Shopping Cart at checkout. Users may redeem their Points for the following Glow Club Rewards benefits:

50 Points = Redeem $25 Off your order on Excludes Collaborations and other items as disclosed.

Unless otherwise indicated by Marcella NYC, Points may be redeemed in conjunction with one gift card code per purchase and only with gift cards offered by Marcella NYC. Marcella NYC may change or limit the number of Points which may be redeemed at one time. For example, a user may redeem Points for multiple rewards as the user’s Points balance allows. However, users may not claim more than one of the same product rewards in a single purchase or more than one coupon-based reward in a single purchase. Similarly, users may redeem only one discount reward per purchase of up to 50 Glow Points as users Points balance allows. Glow Points and coupon-based rewards or codes cannot be applied to the same order.The system will update the User’s remaining Points after Points are redeemed. Glow Club Rewards Points cannot be applied to prior purchases.


Expiration of Glow Club Rewards Points

Glow Point points expire 12 months after your last purchase date on If you have pending points at the time of expiration, the pending points will remain pending. You can stop your account and point expiration by making a purchase on, at which time any pending points will process at the 14-day mark. 

If you have not placed any orders after joining The Glow Club, the account expiry period is calculated from the time of account registration. 


​​Pre-October 13, 2021 Marcella NYC Rewards Points

Marcella NYC Rewards Members with accounts will be issued an automatic account transfer include Point balances not previously converted into Rewards as of October 12, 2021 (in full accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the Marcella NYC Rewards Program) will be issued as follows:


Marcella Rewards Points Earned as of October 12, 2021

All Marcella NYC Rewards Members with accounts will be transferred to the Glow Club Program. For Members with Marcella NYC Rewards Points in their account as of October 12, 2021, Marcella NYC will automatically convert such Rewards Points into Glow Points on October 13, 2021. Each Glow Point equals fifty (50) Marcella NYC Rewards Points. When converted, points will be rounded to the nearest whole number. Members with less than 50 Marcella NYC Rewards points will have a balance of zero (0) Glow Points.  Marcella NYC will make this calculation based on the total Glow Club Points in a Members account on October 13, 2021. For example, if a Glow Club Member had a balance of 5000 Marcella NYC Rewards Points in his/her/their account as of October 12, 2021, he/she/they will receive 100 Glow Points on October 13, 2021 and be placed in the corresponding membership tier which in this example would be Flame. Glow Club tier membership will be based on the previous 12 months of spending on

All rewards claimed and not redeemed prior to October 13, 2021, in the Marcella NYC Rewards Program will NOT be carried over to the Glow Club Program, yet these benefits are redeemable until January 2022. Please contact Marcella’s Customer Experience team ( if you have any questions or are experiencing issues redeeming your rewards claimed prior to October 13, 2021.


Other Program Benefits

In addition to points, Members receive the following exclusive benefits (“Benefits”) based on tier status:

  • Free shipping
  • Special treat upon entering new tier
  • Free returns
  • Birthday Gifts
  • Eligibility to enter Weekend for two in NYC Giveaway
  • Other benefits as released and offered in the Glow Club, TBD

The preceding will be offered by Marcella NYC from time to time, in its sole discretion. Restrictions apply to each benefit, for example, the specific qualifying products for which a gift will be provided with purchase. In all cases, Marcella NYC will disclose such restrictions in conjunction with offering the corresponding benefit.

Account Information

You must be logged in to your Marcella NYC account to access your Rewards. You may view your account at The information you provide will be handled in accordance with the Marcella NYC privacy policy available at

Account Termination

Participation in the Glow Club Rewards Program is a privilege granted to Marcella NYC users and, as such, can be suspended, revoked, or terminated at any time by Marcella NYC for any reason or for no reason. In the event of termination of your participation, all benefits, including all accrued Points and other program benefits, will automatically and immediately be forfeited.   In the event of a termination of your participation or a termination of the Program by Marcella NYC, Marcella NYC has no liability to participants for unused Points or other program benefits.

Account Cancellation

You may cancel your Glow Club Rewards Program account at any time by reaching out to for the Marcella NYC team to assist. Once canceled, all Points earned are voided and may not be redeemed on any future purchase. Please contact for assistance in canceling your account.

Limitation of Liability

Marcella NYC will not be liable for any damages of any kind arising out of or in connection with your participation or membership in the Glow Club Rewards Program, including damages arising out of changes to or termination of the program. This is a comprehensive limitation of liability that applies to all damages of any kind, including but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, or consequential damages, loss of data, income or profit, loss of or damage to property, and claims of third parties.

Program Changes

Marcella NYC reserves the right to vary any or all of the terms of the Glow Club Rewards program, to amend these Terms of Service, or to terminate Glow Club Rewards, at any time without notice and without further obligations to users, including, but not limited to, modifications which: a) govern Points earned on and after the date of the change; or b) change the value of already accumulated Points. Notice of any such changes, amendments, or termination will be provided to users via message or email or by being posted on the Marcella NYC website and will be effective immediately unless otherwise stated in such notification.