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Meet all of our designs that will shine on land or sea.

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Finding a swimsuit that is right for you shouldn’t be a stressful experience. Women’s summer clothes should be comfortable for any warm weather climate while still making you feel glamorous every second of the day. Creating clothing that everyone can wear is one of Marcella's design philosophies, making sure every size from 0 to 20 can wear our sustainable swimwear that makes them look good while on the beach, by the pool, or just in the park getting a tan. 

What is Sustainable Swimwear? 

Eco-friendly swimwear is about recreating the ethics of fashion, making sure your outfit always looks stunning while helping others out in the process. That’s why Marcella focuses on creating clothing that has a sustainability pledge for people of all sizes. Non-fast fashion brands create clothing that minimizes waste and speeds up the production cycle, so you get clothing that is made of higher quality, and does more for the environment. 

Ethical swimwear comes in many shapes and sizes, like the Quinn Cutout Swimsuit. In off-white or black, and with sizes from XS to XXXL, this swim-staple cutout suit is for everyone. With a comfortable, hugging fit, this sustainable swimwear can work in the water or as a bodysuit for after. 

Sustainable Swim Tops and Bottoms

Sustainable swim tops and bottoms can be used for more than just swimming though. For boosting women’s summer clothes, our swim tops and bottoms can be used in a myriad of ways to create a great weekend outfit, like the Mari Swim Cutout top in red. This sustainable swim top features a wide neckline and supportive straps for endless comfort. The rich red pairs with a pair of classic light blue jeans to create a timeless look. Of course, the Mari Swim top also pairs pretty well with the Mari Swim bottoms as well.  

Sustainable swimwear is still fashionable. That’s why we created the Quinn Cutout Swimsuit in black. This black swimwear features a comfortable fit anybody can feel good in and works just as well when paired with a pair of pleated pants like the taupe Archie trousers and a good pair of blue sandals like the Parker Sandals. You can feel right at home at an art gallery, cafe, or concert being both stylish and comfortable. 

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