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If it’s a cool breeze or just clouds hiding the sun, a sweatshirt (or three) is a staple of everyone’s closet, and for good reason. Similar to Marcella’s own design philosophy, our sweatshirts for women are made of high-quality materials and have a brilliant look to them, making sure you can mix and mash them with the rest of your wardrobe. Sweatshirts are all about crossing that line of comfort into making a statement, so regardless if you are lounging at home, or are out on the streets, you’re still comfortable.

What Makes Sweatshirts For Women a Staple for Everyone’s Closet?

These unique sweatshirts are designed to impress with a minimalist look and keep you comfy at once. Take the Geneva Sweatshirt, for instance. This hooded sweatshirt turns a go-to staple into a strong fashion statement. It features an oversized hood, a tulip hem, and thumbhole sleeves, all crafted from the super soft French Terry sweatshirt. The result is a sweatshirt that’s highly breathable and still fashionable. It’s one of our all-time best sellers for a reason.

Speaking of best sellers, this sweatshirt is going to be your next staple because, regardless of the weather, it’s a minimalist sweatshirt that won’t let you down. The Firenze Hoodie is a true master in minimalist edge, adding a streetwear edge to your outfit. This unique sweatshirt feature is a veil-like hood to help create a dramatic entrance and thumbholes. Coming in olive green, anthracite, black, or off white, this comfortable sweatshirt is an easy-to-maintain sweatshirt that is built to last in your wardrobe. 

When Can We Wear A Sweatshirt? 

Regardless of your days plans, there’s a sweatshirt for you. You should add a layer that will help you continue your activity in comfort while still as fashionable. If you’re in a sporty mode and want to be on your feet and not weighed down by excessive layers, the Adelaide Sweatshirt is here to help. This classic black turtleneck adds a kiss of sporty elegance to its look with contrast zip and stretchy thumbholes. You can pair it with jeans and high boots or with athletic leggings to create looks that are classic for cooler weather. 

For when it’s a little colder, and you just want to cuddle up in bed, the Atlanta Sweatshirt is there to help. This hooded sweatshirt can either be worn as a turtleneck or as a hoodie, creating maximum comfort in one outfit. The length extends comfortably past the waist and is ribbed at the hem and the sleeves for extra stretch. It’s fashioned from a heavier weight, but it’s still breathable and easy to wear. 

What Do Sweatshirts go with? 

As we said before–sweatshirts are all about being versatile. A sustainable sweatshirt is still a comfortable sweatshirt. Take, for instance, the Hoyt Sweatshirt. This is for when you want to be comfortable, but need to wear something a little more edgy to stand out in a fashionable crowd. This lightweight sweatshirt top features a sharp one-shoulder design contrasting one bare arm with a romantically billowed long sleeve on the other. Along with being built with highly breathable European fabric and a classic black turtleneck, this unique sweatshirt would pair with a little black skirt and a pair of strappy sandals to create an elevated look. 

If you’re trying to dress down, just go with a classic boxy sweatshirt. The Cambria Sweatshirt, even if it is dressing down, still holds the essence of everything we love about New York City fashion. This oversized unique sweatshirt features a boxy cut and ribbed finishes at the cuffs and hem. Wear it with a pair of pleated pants or leather pants to create a look that is built for the everyday hustle and bustle of New York City.

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