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Autumn fashion is one of the best seasons of the year – pumpkins, Halloween, and beautiful sweaters. Make this season even better with a capsule collection that keeps you bundled up and fashionable. The best part about fall wardrobe essentials is that these fall outfits layer so perfectly, turning your minimalist wardrobe into a versatile runway, with every piece able to be mixed and matched at your leisure.

What Kind of Dresses Should You Wear in the Fall? 

With fall fashion here, it’s time to swap out your sundresses for a long sleeve dress that can be layered with cardigans, tights, and boots. Autumn clothing is all about creating cozy layers that look great and make you feel even better. A good edgy autumn wardrobe never sacrifices comfort, which is the backbone of this season’s fashion wardrobe. 

For a cocktail party this autumn season, a chic black turtleneck dress is a perfect choice. The Phoebe Dress is an excellent wardrobe staple that can be worn up and down. Pair it with a leather jacket or a sheer bolero, and it works either way effortlessly. It also works brilliantly with the Harlow Boots. Work, weekend, whatever, this versatile autumn dress will inspire a hundred different fall outfit ideas. 

For a more casual look when it gets a little colder and you want to walk down the street in comfort, get a casual maxi black hoodie. The Elba Sweatshirt Dress is a fall staple and a Marcella bestseller. This comfortable sweatshirt dress features a full-body silhouette that hugs the body with a relaxed fit, along with an ankle-grazing hem and side vents. A gaiter mask attached to the hood gives this sustainable fall dress a dose of streetwear edge and creates a turtleneck neckline when pulled up and worn as a face mask..

What Pants are in for Fall? 

While we can talk about the merits of jeans all day long, there are other fall pants that should be in your autumn wardrobe as well. With inventive takes on tailoring and trousers, a good pair of autumn pants help create clean silhouettes and balanced proportions. 

Pleated perfection, every capsule wardrobe needs a pair of pleated pants to round out their closet of autumn fashion. Offering breathing room while sitting snug on your waist, a good pair of taupe pleated trousers are functional and fashionable. The Archie Pants are the modern pleated trousers for any closet, featuring a relaxed and tapered fit along with the elegant pleat. Pair these pleated autumnal pants with the Dorset Narrow Heel Boots, whose sleek modern look and genuine Italian leather will help your silhouette to appear sharp and elegant. 

For a minimalist’s fall closet, stretch leggings are essential for every season. For the fall closet, a pair of black sleek vegan leather leggings are not only versatile, but they are also sustainable. The Kaya Leggings feature a matte finish, a sculpted high waist, and clean seams. These leggings of Italian vegan leather fit and move like a dream. Perfect for lounging around the house or when you want to take an early morning coffee walk.  

What Autumn Tops Keep You Comfortable?

There’s an endless collection of fall tops to help inspire fall outfit ideas. Sweaters and undershirts come together to create layering heaven, combining edgy streetwear, athleisure, and comfort. 

The fall top staple, a simple mid-length sleeve top is the ultimate base layer when it comes to creating an autumn outfit. The Frankie Top is a best-selling staple at Marcella, crafted from high-stretch and sustainable European jersey . It tucks into jeans and layers perfectly. This basic autumnal top pairs particularly brilliantly with the Journey Boots, whose unique ribbed design pops when paired with the elegant simplicity of the Frankie Top. 

Elevated loungewear is the only way to go for a completely unique look. The Oslo Tunic is a minimalist and edgy top turned fall fashion essential. This elevated tunic silhouette features an oversized hood and a draped, high-low asymmetrical hem that dips at the back. An added flair that is the perfect extra layer to a warm and edgy outfit. 

Why Does Minimalist Fashion Perfect the Fall Aesthetic? 

Minimalist fashion and Fall weather are a match made in heaven. Minimalism is all about the versatility of your clothing, while the most comfortable fall outfit idea is made of layers. With Marcella’s asymmetrical clothing and unique hemlines, every autumn outfit brings a new distinct look to the table (and the street). 

For topping off your basics, you need an elevated wool coat that works with everything and looks great by itself. The Elizabeth Coat comes in a wide variety of colors, creating a lovely silhouette that is wonderfully warm. This fall piece of clothing features a boxy shape and is oversized, along with roomy sleeves and a dramatic length. 

For when it really starts to turn from autumn to winter, a merino wool blend scarf will keep you warm and is the perfect fall accessory for your fall clothes. The York Infinity Scarf is a sustainable oversized scarf that comes in a variety of colors, perfect for layering and bundling yourself up. It locks in warmth while adding a chic finish to your autumn outfit. 

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