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Stay in style all year round with Marcella’s chic accessory collection. Top off your outfit with a knitted beanie, accessorize your hair with a designer headband, or elevate your body shape with a wide leather belt. The possibilities are endless with our versatile minimalistic accessories. These pieces are dualistic, perfect for everyday life and nights out on the town. 

Summer Accessories for Women: Sunglasses, Jewelry, & Totes

Marcella designed all accessories and clothing to be fashionable and long-lasting, making them easily adaptable to weather changes. However, here are some accessories for summer that will take your outfit to new heights.

You must have a pair of edgy sunglasses, whether they are classic black or tortious, a blend of black and brown. These simple shades can keep your hair and the summer sun out of your face. 

Our minimalistic jewelry is expertly crafted to be in style for every season. Adding summer jewelry to your morning routine when you are getting ready for the day can help you look and feel put together and ready for what's to come. Summer jewelry is simple and unique earrings, rings, or bracelets that are perfect for everyday wear.

Store your daily essentials, such as your phone, kindle or book, travel charger, keys, and maybe a snack or two in your New York tote bag. A minimal tote bag adds convenience and elegance to your outfit. Keep everything you need within arm's reach while elevating your look with a little bit of edge.

What are minimalistic accessories?

Minimalist accessories are carefully curated pieces added to elevate an outfit based on style, texture, and color. Minimalism is the focus on the form and fabric of the clothing and using accessories to accentuate a ‘quiet luxury’ appeal. It’s a subtle style that uses simple fashion techniques to create a timeless and understated look. 

Texture and color are usually consistent or of minimal contrast throughout the whole outfit, with one standout piece that may be bolder than the rest of the outfit. These characteristics of minimalism silently enhance your silhouette. Simple accessories such as a chunky knit scarf like Bronx, a mesh scrunchy like Nikki, and elegant minimalist earrings like Emery can make you stand out from the crowd. 

What are the minimalist must-have pieces from Marcella?

Every minimalist should have a few basics on hand to style any outfit. These minimalist must-haves are broken down into three categories:

  • Headwear: This includes our mesh scrunchies, designer headbands, a pair of sunglasses, and our corduroy hats or knitted beanies. Minimalism in the form of headwear can help balance an outfit from top to bottom while adding a level of elegance to a simplistic fit. 
  • Bodywear: This includes our leather belts, chunky scarves, jackets, or bags. These minimalist bodywear accessories can add a layer of complexity to a silhouette. Wide leather belts accentuate the waist and natural curves of women. Chunky scarves are comfortable statement pieces. A chic bag or clutch is convenient and standout, adding a pop of color and shape to your look. Bodywear accessories elevate the minimalistic style in a simple way.
  • Jewelry: This includes wrist or body jewelry, everyday earrings, and rings. The color, texture, size, and form of the jewelry can add structure or give an organic feel to the outfit. Minimalist jewelry such as the right pair of earrings can tie the outfit together and accentuate the face or neck. 

Does Marcella sell minimalist earrings?

Yes, Marcella sells modern and trendy minimalistic earrings such as our Isla Hoops and our Freya Geometric Earrings. Elevate your style with these everyday earrings that effortlessly bridge the gap between casual and classic. Perfect for adding a touch of chic to a laid-back outfit or turning a simple dress into a statement of timeless elegance. These minimalist earrings are the key to achieving that simple and polished look. 

The Geometric Earrings add a structural element to your minimalist outfit. These modern earrings come in silver and yellow gold with a matte subtle finish, making them the perfect go-to to add form and character to your fit.

If you are looking for a classic pair of everyday earrings, our Two-Toned Hoops are chunky double hoop earrings that stack a gold hoop and silver together. These earrings can elevate any outfit for any event. The gold and silver hoops are a splash of warm and cool tones to your color palette and match almost anything.

With these earrings, you'll effortlessly strike the perfect balance between comfort and sophistication, making them a must-have staple! 

Tips on how to choose the right accessories:

When you are trying to accessorize your minimalist look, here are a few tips to consider:

  • Balance your outfit, do not overload one side
  • Accentuate your desired features, use accessories like belts, totes, jewelry, and sunglasses to draw attention to the right parts of your outfit or body
  • Stay on style and theme
  • Less is more, do not over-accessorize a minimalistic style 

Remember, the accessories you do choose should add to your outfit, and draw attention to where you want it, all the while keeping the overall look simple. For example, adding our women’s black sunglasses with a New York tote bag can take a traditional outfit and push it to the edge. 

These simple tips for achieving and maintaining your minimalist style work hand in hand with the capsule closet method as well. A few strong accessories can create endless possibilities and several unique ‘quiet luxury’ wardrobe options.  

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