Throwback Inspiration: The '90s

A wave of ‘90s nostalgia just hit our mood board for 2024!

Is it any wonder? The era’s influence is undeniable, and the ‘90s muses who embodied “less is more” ignited a spark in the fashion industry that’s still burning today.

The ‘90s symbolized a pivotal moment in fashion history, introducing new modes of self-expression that shaped minimalism as we know it. The style ethos has since survived countless trend cycles, securing its status as a movement that revolutionized how we think about getting dressed. In short, ‘90s minimalism walked so we could run.

Come along as we go back to the decade fashion lovers just can’t get off their minds and get inspired with us for the year ahead...

New Year, New Wardrobe

A new year represents a new era of personal style. As we find our visual identity this year, there’s no better source of inspiration than the ‘90s women who redefined the very essence of personal style.

‘90s Inspiration

With the ‘90s came a new philosophy, one that cut through the noise of ‘80s maximalism to find a poised, pared-back center. Think clean cuts, elevated basics, and muted colorways – elements that didn’t scream style through loud prints or ornate layers, but let the quiet power of simplicity speak volumes. In the ever-evolving landscape of fashion, going back now to the source of timeless trends is a great way to find fresh inspiration.

The Looks

Now, the names and the looks in question…

Gwenyth Paltrow

A head-to-toe black look is the byword of ‘90s chic. Take a page out of Gwenyth Paltrow’s book and style a classic turtleneck like Cara.

Available in Black, Espresso and Off White.

Cara Top


Carolyn Bessette Kennedy #1

Carolyn Bessette Kennedy personified elegance. Elevating a simple white shirt with unfastened top buttons and rolled-up sleeves, she creates here a serene look that you can recreate in our Raphaela Boyfriend Shirt.

Available in White and Black.

Raphaela Boyfriend Shirt


Carolyn Bessette Kennedy #2

In the realm of sophistication, LBDs reign supreme. Explore your own take on Carolyn’s look in a close-fitting little black dress like Natalia.

Available in Black, Off White and Red.

Natalia Dress


Carolyn Bessette Kennedy #3

Carolyn set a new standard for street style in a sleek, oversized black coat. Turn your statement street style dreams into reality with our essential Elizabeth Coat.

Available in Black , Red, Cream, Blush Pink, Medium Grey, Camel and Espresso.

Elizabeth Coat


Drew Barrymore

The starlet who rocked distressed denim, Drew Barrymore mastered the edgy, alternative side of ‘90s fashion. Throw the Rio Denim Jacket over your look for a hint of feminine grunge.

Available in Light Blue Denim.

Rio Denim Jacket


Looking at impactful trends from the past and reimagining them through a personalized, modern lens invigorates our style. We hope this ode to the ‘90s and the women who kept it so well-dressed inspires an era of personal style that takes you through 2024 feeling more chic (and more yourself) than ever.