The Journey FW20


I have craved travel more than even in my life. The travel that enriches and connects. Instead, I have focused on traveling inwards, on self-reflection and self-care. A lot of it has to do with making life simpler,  for Meaningful travel involves those journeys that we define for ourselves as such. As life has become more complicated during this past year, many of us have shifted our destinations inwards. I, Siyana, the lead designer of Marcella am no different. I've focused on traveling inwards, on self-reflection and self-discovery more than ever before. Returning to those themes that resonate most deeply for me and so many others, such as family and friends, work, celebration, growth. Our new collection, The Journey, is inspired by that travel back to the basics that matter most. 

Honoring our minimalist philosophy, we worked around the clock to create garments that would simplify your life. Introducing new fabrics such as 100% Organic Cotton, eco-friendly Tencel, and distressed denim, we're staying true to our core design aesthetic of embracing comfortable materials that can move with you.

At the same time, we’re traveling back through our past collections to revisit popular shapes and silhouettes - because there’s comfort in familiarity. Whether you’re wearing Marcella to make your way from the Upper West Side to Bushwick or from Carroll Gardens to Riverside, we see our Fall/Winter 2020 Collection as meeting the needs of a woman who's looking for ease but still craving luxury.

Our collection, The Journey, aims to allow you to focus on what matters most to you. No journey comes without uncertainty, so hold tight to your truth.

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