Love At First Sight: Our Time for TENCEL™ Jersey

Central to our vision of being an ethical fashion destination is our commitment to continuously evolve our practices to minimize our ecological footprint. It’s at the core of everything we do; from our evolving mix of fabrics and trimmings, to our production model, down to the premium "fewer pieces but longer lasting" wardrobe staples we attentively design for you. We source only the finest fabrics for our garments, a process of trial, error, testing, and tampering - until we get it right. 

The soft, luxe fabric we use in many of our designs, our viscose jersey, is one we’ve all come to love. It has lent its beauty to us for several of our collections in the past, and for being one of our greatest loves, we are grateful. But when we laid eyes on TENCEL™  lyocell jersey, all bets were off. We were head over heels.

As with any great love story, people often ask “How did you know they were the one?” With TENCEL™ jersey, it was easy. As a brand that is constantly evolving and aiming to better ourselves, we were already on the hunt for the best options for you and the planet. As with dating, it can be hard to find the right fit. After failed blind dates and deleted dating apps, we knew what we didn’t want. Sacrificing quality, inaccessible pricing, and wasteful production processes were out of the question. We locally source and carefully select all of our materials, and we always want to be part of the solution. In the midst of searching for more ethical fabrics, TENCEL™ Jersey stumbled into our life. With a clean production process, renewable source, and luxurious quality (without the heavy price tag) we just clicked. 

Do you believe in love at first sight? We do. TENCEL™ Jersey has every quality we love about viscose jersey - the luxe look, the soft hand, and the unbeatable stretch. However, TENCEL™ jersey not only treats us better, but our planet too. TENCEL™ comes from the wood pulp of sustainably certified beech and eucalyptus, which is then woven into the fibers that kiss your skin when you put on a Marcella piece. Eucalyptus trees grow quickly, making them an easily renewable source, even with little water irrigation and almost no toxic pesticides. Furthermore, the production of TENCEL™ lyocell jersey doesn’t use toxic chemicals. The closed loop production process keeps any water or energy from going to waste by repurposing or reprocessing every last amount.

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Not much is changing for your favorite pieces, wherever and whenever possible, we’re just evolving to better suit your ethical wardrobe and a healthier Earth. Our new TENCEL™ Jersey composition is 96% TENCEL™ and 4% Elastane for the stretch you love. 30% of our styles will now be fashioned with this more ethical alternative. Experience it for yourself with the chic minimalism of the Yvonne Top or the edgy details on the Eugenia Dress. We’ll make it even sweeter for you - it requires the same, easy care as the classic viscose jersey.

Our greatest loves often teach us the toughest lessons, if we listen. With a grateful heart, we are honored to have a community that is passionate about preserving our natural world, and one that holds us accountable when we fall short. TENCEL™ Jersey is our next step forward into evolving further into the ethical fashion destination we envisioned from day one. Here’s to continuously progressing, while staying true to the Marcella you know and love.


I am in love with your products they’re very sleek and beautiful also they will stand the time from year to year by just adding to them and I can’t wait for my item.
Thanks , Sharon M

Mrs.Sharon Montgomery August 22, 2022

I’m in love with MARCELLA

Darnita M Tyler May 12, 2022

Love your increasing commitment to sustainability, ethical fashion, equity, and empowerment of women and girls. It’s a strong inceptive for me to stick with Marcella when I need a new closing item and to share with friends. Thanks.

Lisa MacKinnon May 12, 2022

Everything is right about this company, the cloths are high quality, and well made, you can see the love and care that Marcella give to their customers through the shipping of each order/package, down to the unique designs of each garment. I will be ordering from this company again and again, I am so well pleased, and that’s very hard to do for me.

Crystal May 12, 2022

I am so happy I stumbled across your brand. Being an older woman with a merchandising/design background, it was so rewarding to see such a sexy but very classy collection with a very good price point!

Bravo to your team. I look forward to seeing my first purchase.

Again, thank you!

Evelyn May 12, 2022

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