Duality: Are You Enough?

Women today are loaded with unbelievable amounts of pressure in life—from work to marriage to parenthood, and don’t forget about “me time.” The strain to be it all, do it all, and have it all is intense. We ask ourselves, am I enough? The answer: Yes...

Introducing the mosaic of duality—pairing polar ends of the spectrum to form fresh, chic and modern looks with an edge.

In our world of labels, it’s easy to get pushed into a box, whether that’s in fashion or otherwise. It’s time to break down the box and step free from those constraints of cultural marks branded upon us. Fashion should be inclusive, not exclusive. And, at Marcella, we believe that style should be a true representation of one’s whole being.

Women are multi-layered, with ever-evolving views, moods, and of course, styles. Our Fall 2019 collection celebrates the power of embracing all sides of oneself. Feminine, masculine, soft, hard, modern, classic. The beauty of fashion is that you can have it all!

As women, we serve as the perfect canvas for representing the multi-dimensional lives we live. What better way to do so that by wearing unique clothing for the unique people we are by nature.

Clothing doesn’t need to be loud to get noticed. As the saying goes, “less is more”— and when it comes to minimalism, it’s all about the details.

Take for instance, clean sharp angles paired with soft flowy ruffles. Or oversized ease combined with curve-hugging glamour. Color? There’s something particularly striking about abrupt blends and color blocking. Cool pastels mixed with vivid brights and deep neutrals. Those subtle elements of surprise make a big statement when juxtaposed one against the other...

Our newest Fall/Winter ‘19 collection, “Duality,” is for the woman who is bold enough to use her voice, brave enough to live authentically, and confident enough to rock it all. She is strong and tender. Refined and rough. Daring and delicate. Is she enough?

She is ALWAYS enough.

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