Celebrating International Women's Day

We are women, hear us roar! International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8
th every year around the world. What began as a small observance in 1909 in New York City, has grown to a worldwide celebration thanks to the power of the feminist movement.

While having an official day to commemorate the significant women in one’s life is great and all, we believe women should be celebrated year-round for the bold, brave, hard-working people they are. Look around you—who are the women who are the forefront of your life? Maybe it’s your mother, your sister, or your daughter. Perhaps it’s a neighbor, teacher or colleague. Whatever her position or role, one thing is clear: women have an incredible impact on the lives they touch.

A quick walk through history will show you just how far women have come in the last century. There’s always been talent, there’s always been brains… but now women get to show it. Female empowerment is at an all-time high and shows no sign of slowing down. Their voices are being heard in ways like never before. So won’t you rise up and celebrate the amazing women in your life? Tell them how much they are appreciated, how much they are admired. Somewhere, someone is watching as a woman achieves her goals… and we can all thank the trailblazers of the past for helping to pave the way.

This International Women’s Day, we honor the strong, fearless women of the past and present. We hope our brand represents today’s modern woman well by offering pieces to showcase her tenacity and individual style.

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