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Friends, laughter, and a bit of dancing are what weddings are all about, allowing you to celebrate love while looking beautiful. Wedding guest dresses hold all of it together, but they can also hold a lot of anxiety. Nobody wants to stress whether or not they should wear semi-formal dresses. Wedding guest dresses (and the proper wedding guest shoes to match), regardless if they are formal or not, are there to be an essential part of the celebration.

Is a Wedding Formal or Semi-Formal?

This is up to the bride, but usually, modern-day weddings are semi-formal, giving you the freedom to wear semi-formal dresses that are a little more relaxed, while still elevating a style that is elegant and luxurious. Usually, cocktail dresses are a small step above semi-formal, existing as perfect wear when transitioning from afternoon to evening parties. 

Cocktail dresses are elegant and breezy, adding edge and allure to your silhouette. Wedding guest dresses like the Manhattan Asymmetrical Dress will give you a show-stopping look. This black mid-cut dress is the perfect fit for a wedding, especially if it’s an evening wedding. Darker colors are recommended for evening-to-night weddings and parties. Pair a semi-formal dress with heels, wedges, formal flats, or a pair of high end sandals like the Linette sandals. These attractive sandals feature a skinny kitty heel and an adjustable buckle closure, making sure they are strapped to your feet snug and secure all night long. 

For the more formal weddings out there wedding guest dresses need to feature a formal floor-length gown that does not reveal the ankles at the hem of the dress. That’s why we designed the Manhattan One Shoulder Gown, featuring all the edgy asymmetrical features of the dress, but adding on just a few more inches of class. This iconic silhouette comes not just in black, but red as well. A red dress is a great option for a daytime wedding or any daytime event. A wedding shoe like the Parker pairs well with this gown, especially in bone snake print.  

What to Wear to a Warm Weather Wedding? 

Along with wearing warm colors such as red, orange, or yellow, you want to wear a fabric that can create an exceptional fit while still being comfortable. The Park jumpsuit (especially in red) should be in your arsenal of warm-weather wedding guest dresses. This sophisticated jumpsuit is a one-piece featuring a side hem finished with a split for a show of leg, helping you get that much-needed air when you step off the dance floor. 

What to Wear to a Cold Wedding? 

While not common, an autumnal or winter wedding can be a beautiful change from the norm, and you need an outfit that can keep you cozy. The Roxanne is our choice. Blending high style and comfort, this black dress features a fascinating silhouette with mesh back paneling and long sleeves to help you in the colder months.  

Why Choose Sustainable Wedding Dresses?

Wedding guest dresses aren’t the only priority. Choosing a wedding dress is a difficult endeavor when it looks like there are endless possibilities. But sometimes the choice is easier to make than expected. Picking a sustainable wedding dress is not just picking a vintage dress. Sometimes it’s about the reusability of a wedding dress. You don’t want to just use a beautiful wedding gown one day and then toss it in the back of your closet (or more likely, in a box in the attic). That’s why we made beautiful wedding dresses that can be worn after your wedding, perfectly suitable to be worn for other occasions, like the Kalene Dress. Featuring a sleek double cold-shoulder detail and cascading asymmetric hem, this wedding dress is multifunctional and perfect for other formal occasions, being used long after your wedding, but always reminding you of that special day. 

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