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The coat is a staple in every minimalist’s wardrobe. From the elegant women’s peacoat to the classic denim jacket, choosing the coat that’s right for you is about knowing the weather, what your coat will complement, and what silhouette you want. For a minimalist capsule wardrobe, you need a couple of coats to keep you warm against cold and windy weather. Our women’s jackets are styled to keep you warm and in style. We offer a range of cream-color jackets, black wool coats, and form-fitting blazers. 

The Lightweight Jacket for Early Autumn 

Autumn brings your first opportunity to wear a coat that keeps you comfortable without ever sacrificing fashion. Besides a brilliant silhouette, the perfect women’s lightweight jacket needs to be breathable enough so that you never break a sweat. 

The Linwood Sweatshirt Jacket and the Harlem Sweatshirt Jacket are the perfect throw-ons when the temperature starts to drop. This ultra-light and timeless jacket features breathable linen, a unique wrap effect, and crisp modern lines. Crafted from lightweight fabric, it’s easy to style this jacket—throwit on, sling it over your shoulders, or zip it up with the off-center zip closure. Our whole selection of women’s lightweight jackets will keep you warm and comfortable. 

Another light jacket that works well for breezy days that can’t decide if they are autumn or summer, the Hoyt Sweatshirt Jacket is a minimalist jacket for every closet. This lightweight women's sweatshirt jacket features a cowl collar and a uniquely curved, two-way zipper. This comfortable,  fashionable, and practical jacket has a bit of stretch in its fabric, making it easy to put on or take off when the weather just can’t decide. 

Women’s Heavy Winter Coats

Minimalist coats and jackets should work for more than just a single season. Versatile outerwear that can work for multiple seasons is sustainable outerwear, and is able to last throughout the cold months of winter. 

Warm heavy coats for women are both fashionable and cozy, and there’s nothing that defines  the chic winter coat more than the Maren Wool Coat. This fashionable minimalist coat features a diagonal two-way zipper and an asymmetrical bottom hem. Paired with a wrapped high neckline, Maren showcases the minimalist aesthetic at its best, ensuring you're stylish and cozy all winter long. When it gets warm out, the two-way zipper opens and the neck wrap turns into asymmetric, oversized lapels. 

Warm coats for women are about making sure you don’t need any other coat for cold weather. The Elizabeth Coat is an essential winter coat, minimizing your closet's clutter and maximizing stylish choices. This minimal black coat is a classic, made from 100% Italian virgin wool, and features an oversized fit with a boxy silhouette, roomy sleeves, and a dramatic length. 

When the winter winds keep on blowing, you need a chic winter coat that will give you space to breathe while still keeping you warm. The Avery Wool Cape is a stylish black winter coat and the ideal choice for heading out when it’s cold. Fashioned from Italian virgin wool with a high collar and side zipper, this outerwear for women is,streetwear chic, versatile, and roomy enough to wear when the weather is warmer.  

Sustainable Spring Jacket

When it gets a little warmer, you still want a fashionable light jacket to keep you comfortable while the snow and ice start to thaw. The Erica Wool Vest makes this leisurewear comfort into a minimalist reality. This women’s wool vest features a sizeable paneled collar, cinched waistline, and even a stylish belt.  

Fashionable Jackets in Year-Round Colors

When it comes to investing in a coat, it's hard enough to find the right fit, let alone colors that won’t go out of style at the end of the season. Our women’s coats are not only versatile in the way that they can be styled, but they are evergreen coats. Depending on the weather, it could be spring, fall, or winter, these elegant coats stay in style. Marcella carries several types of black women’s coats, tan/brown, and off-white. At any time of the year, neutral chic outerwear is a safe investment. The Marcella lightweight jackets and women’s wool coats have an edgy, sophisticated, and feminine street style

Women’s Wool Coats, Jackets, & Blazers

Why choose wool? It is a thick and heavy material that is durable against the cold. The Virgin Wool used is a more robust wool, offering a touch of softness and warmth. Marcella’s women’s wool coats, jackets, and blazers are of various lengths and fits. Try the Wool Cape or Maren Coat for an over-the-shoulder look. For a long wool trench coat, try the Owen Coat or the Elizabeth Coat. For a more fitted wool coat, try the Essex Coat or the women’s wool blazer. All of these coats can be styled for the changing seasons and keep warm in the winter. 

What is European French Terry fabric?

 French terry is a lightweight and soft cotton material used in our jackets and athleisure clothing collection. It is strong and durable, known for its ​​longevity and flexibility, Making it the perfect material for a seasonal jacket. Our lightweight Harlem Sweatshirt Jacketmade of French Terry, is perfect for everyday errands or working out. 

What Does European Poly Viscose Feel Like?

European Poly Viscose is used in our Norah Blazers, it is a semi-natural or semi-synthetic fiber that has the look of silk and the feel of cotton. This material makes our women’s blazers soft and fashionable for any event. A soft blazer can be paired with a nice blouse or dress for the office or a night out. 

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