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A little bit edgy and all elegant. From long flowy dresses to cute midi-mod dresses, Marcella’s modern dresses are ready for any occasion. From a night out with your friends to a dinner date in the LES, Marcella’s minimalist dresses will be there—a sophisticated alternative to the norm that goes beyond trends while always serving style.

What is a Minimalist Dress? 

Minimalist fashion can come in dresses of all sizes. Want a black-tie modern formal dress? Or perhaps a more casual minimalist dress for a Sunday brunch? Minimalism has you covered (looking gorgeous while doing so). Minimalism allows self-expression in your clothing by focusing on the essential elements of each piece. Instead of bombarding you with an over-designed or  over-the-top look that’s guaranteed to go out of style soon, Marcella’s minimalist dresses—from the more formal minimalist cocktail dress to an everyday modern women’s dress–are about intentionality, prioritizing a stunning and timeless silhouette that enhances both the way you look and the way you feel.  

What Does Minimalism Mean for Our Modern NYC Dresses? 

As a clothing brand with NYC in our DNA, our philosophy of design has been about freedom since Marcella’s conception: offering an alternative to excess and encouraging expression and exploration along the way. That’s what Marcella Fashion takes away from minimalist fashion, inspiring us to design minimal dresses and helping us to create the message we founded our company on— raising up women everywhere.

We know that variety is important, but so is versatility. You have a busy life, and when life changes fast you need to have clothing that adapts with you,, so modern dresses are invaluable in your capsule wardrobe. Marcella’s minimalist evening dresses and fun summer dresses cover the bases from casual to formal events,  keeping up with you and the full life you lead. 

One of our best sellers, the Manhattan One Shoulder Mini Dress, is an iconic interpretation of minimalism that defined our style. In a marriage of edge and elegance, it’s a modern formal dress that is perfect from evening events to early hours, regardless of where you are in the world—Manhattanalways carries with it an aura of elegance.

What Makes Our Edgy Dresses Different?  

Empowering women is a fundamental part of Marcella’s mission. We partner with global NGO CAMFED to support girls' education in sub-Saharan Africa. When you purchase a Marcella product, from a minimal long dress to casual blouses,  you support the cost of a girl going to school for three days! 

From mod dress to black tie, Marcella’s interpretation of minimalist fashion is in support of girls everywhere, empowering wherever you go.

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